Evaluation ordered for freed accused murderer

  • Millet Harrison
    Millet Harrison

Millet Harrison, committed to the Rusk State Hospital for detainment after he was found mentally incompetent to be sentenced for his mother’s murder and released in 2015, has been ordered back to Rusk for further evaluation.

Harrison, a Beaumont man, was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the death and dismemberment of his mother in 1994. Since his release from the state hospital where he spent two decades, Harrison has authored two books: Letters To My Christian Friends, Darryl and Others, and Racism in America, I'm Caught-Up in the Web: Autobiography of a Mental Patient.

According to a warrant signed by Jefferson County Judge Raquel West on Jan. 28, Harrison was to be committed immediately to Rusk for “a review of his medication compliance and treatment plan.”