COVID-19 death in Port Arthur

  • COVID-19

April 6, the City of Port Arthur Health Department (PAHD) reported the first COVID-19 related death of a Port Arthur resident.

The gentleman was between the ages of 45-50 years old and had underlying health issues, the department reports. He had no known travel history. He presented to the hospital with known COVID-19 symptoms and passed away during his hospitalization.

“This is an important reminder that COVID-19 is a very serious disease,” the department warned with the death announcement. “While 80% of individuals who contract COVID-19 will have mild to moderate symptoms and fully recover, they may spread the disease to people who are at high risk. The elderly and people with underlying health conditions or weakened immune systems are at a much higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19.

“This tragic loss emphasizes the importance of taking all protective measures available to stop the spread of COVID-19 …”