Regional call center asks for patience in coronavirus screening

  • SETX Regional Emergency Operations Center
    SETX Regional Emergency Operations Center

The Southeast Texas Regional Emergency Operations Center is asking for patience from callers.

According to information from the emergency operation, "The Call Center has been inundated with calls. There are 10 phone lines, once those lines are busy, additional calls roll over to the queue allowing the Call Center to take 30 calls at once. After that, you can’t get through. We are asking the public to be patient and continue to call if they are experiencing symptoms and would like to be evaluated for a test. 

"We are working to get the Call Center running 24-hours."

Those experiencing symptoms should contact (409) 550-2536. If it is deemed necessary, those who need tests will be contacted to schedule a testing a[[ointment. The emergency operations reminded citizens those who show up to a test site will not be tested unless a patient number and appointment have been given by the call center.