Governor increases traveler restrictions

  • Texas Governor seal
    Texas Governor seal

During a press conference Sunday, March 29, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced additional measures that will be ordered to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the state.

Abbott previously signed an executive order forcing those who are flying into the state of Texas from New Orleans to quarantine for 14 days. His announcement Sunday moved to include those traveling by roadway from Louisiana. The order does not pertain to commercial activity, military service, emergency response, healthy response or other critical infrastructure functions. 

In addition to the roadway restriction, Abbott added new flight origination points to his previous order. Now, those flying in from Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago and any airports from California and Washington will be required to quarantine for two weeks, enforced by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Also during the press conference, Abbott announced his order would also ban the release of violent offenders or suspected violent offenders from jails within the state.