County judges expected to announce stricter regulations


As Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames was announcing Stay-at-home orders that temporarily shutter non-essential businesses, the multi-county emergency response coalition announced a press conference that will follow shortly. 

Prefacing the upcoming press conference, Hardin County Judge Wayne McDaniel announced online, "Since many citizens and retail establishments throughout Hardin County (and our Region) continue to ignore Orders that are in place, a much stronger and much more restrictive Order is necessary. I will make an official announcement on that this afternoon once I am able to confirm all details, but wanted to give you as much notice as possible so you can expect and plan accordingly.

"To all who have done what has been asked of you, and more in many cases, THANK YOU!! To those who have purposely created so much confusion and dissension, shame on you (putting it nicely). And for those planning “quarantine parties” this weekend, we know about them and are prepared to deal with you accordingly.

"More to come this afternoon once all details are finalized, but most of our Hardin County citizens who have not already done so need to prepare to stay home for a while for your safety, your family’s safety and mine."

More information will be available this afternoon.