BPD investigates hurricane looting

  • BPD detectives review cases. (From BPD)
    BPD detectives review cases. (From BPD)

Beaumont detectives are reviewing nearly 50 reports of burglaries occurring at commercial and residential properties during the city's mandatory evacuation.

Since last Aug. 24, BPD has received close to 50 commercial & residential burglary reports, according to police.

From BPD:

"Unfortunately, we tend to see an increase in property crimes during evacuation and natural disaster situations, as criminals take the opportunity to prey on others. BPD did make several arrests during the declared state of disaster, including burglary and theft of firearms. It’s also important to note that certain crimes carry an enhanced charge when committed during this time (TX penal code 12.50).

"We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of making sure that you have proper documentation on all of your valuable items. Electronics, appliances, jewelry, lawn equipment, firearms, recreational vehicles, power tools, etc. are the items most commonly stolen during thefts/burglaries. Pictures, receipts and MOST IMPORTANTLY, serial/vin numbers are crucial when it comes to the successful investigation of these cases."

"Please take time to evaluate your documentation records and update them often," BPD advises. "Send the pictures and inventory information in an email to yourself, so that you can easily access it if needed for insurance or police reports."