BISD anticipates Sept. 2 return to virtual learning

  • BISD board meeting
    BISD board meeting
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Beaumont ISD Board of Trustees held a meeting Aug. 31 to address emergency issues related to Hurricane Laura. Specifically, the trustees discussed or considered a board resolution declaring a state of emergency allowing the district to bypass traditional procurement laws, and authorizing employee pay during the prior week’s emergency school closing. Additionally, Superintendent Shannon Allen reported that the plan is for students to return to virtual learning on Wednesday, Sept. 2.

“There is no guarantee that 100% of our students have power … but we feel pretty good about where we stand and where our families will stand,” Allen said, referencing the vast majority of the community and campuses that have electricity. “We have been very fortunate.”

Allen said the district received minor damage from Hurricane Laura – power outages that have just about been restore, miscellaneous lost awning, the back wall of planetarium damaged, Fehl-Price Elementary had two classrooms flood, assorted leaks at various campuses.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate in the aftermath of this hurricane,” Allen said.