BISD announces reopening plan for 2020-21 school year

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Beaumont ISD announced their reopening plans for the 2020-21 school year over a Zoom meeting July 16. 


The district will begin the year August 17 with online instruction for the first three weeks of school, which could be extended based on the area's COVID-19 infection rate.


From BISD's reopening plan:

"Although we are working toward a new model for educating our students in a public health crisis, quality instruction is our focus.

"Currently, the American Academy of Pediatrics “strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school.” 

"Many families in our community have provided feedback that they are looking forward to physically returning to school on-campus this fall. However, we also know that some families have concerns about their children physically returning to school due the current health climate. In order to reach the varying needs of all families in our community, BISD will provide all students the option to participate in school either in-person or virtually. Both options will be facilitated by a certified teacher, and BISD will support all families as they make the decision that is best for their children. Our commitment is to ensure that all students at BISD receive high quality instruction and continue to reach their academic goals.

"The plan for opening schools focuses on following guidance and recommendations from the Texas Education Agency, the federal government as well as state and the local agencies including guidance from the health department. Please know that the information included in the re-entry plan is fluid and will change as additional guidance in order to comply with recommendations and mandates from local, state, and federal government. In addition, adjustments may be necessary throughout the school year to maximize the safety of our students and staff.

"BISD will start school on August 17. BISD will start school virtually for the first three weeks of school in order to acclimate students and staff to new procedures. Beginning September 8, the District will offer both on-campus and virtual learning. Both programs will follow BISD’s curriculum, which complies with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. 

"When registering, families will be required to enroll in either on-campus learning or virtual learning. Beaumont ISD has considered the health and safety of our students and staff throughout the planning and decision making process for the upcoming school year. Though no option is ideal in addressing every concern created by the current health crisis, BISD is committed to implementing every safety precaution at its disposal. The virtual start will provide staff, students and families with the opportunity to become acclimated to the new synchronous (virtual, teacher-led, direct instruction) and asynchronous (virtual, student self-paced) modes of instructional delivery. 

"Additionally, the virtual transition into the normal school day will provide time for direct instruction on the safety protocols, precautions and new campus procedures that will be in place in response to COVID-19 including social distancing guidelines, health screenings and other campus practices. To facilitate the remote instruction for the first three weeks, BISD will provide families with devices and internet access, if needed, to ensure that all students have the necessary resources to fully engage in the learning experience.  

"It is required that ALL students and parents engage in the online learning during the start of the school transition period to thoroughly understand the learning platforms being used. In the event of a classroom, campus or district-wide closure during the year due to an abundance of COVID-19 cases or other considerations, such as a natural disaster, students who attend on-campus will be required to temporarily transition to virtual learning until it is safe to return to the campus.


Staff and Students have a normal return to campus following safety protocols established by the District with guidance from the TEA. 


Parents will be provided the option to enroll their child in virtual, at-home learning. This option will require access to a computer and the internet. Paper packets will not be provided. BISD will make arrangements to provide technology, as needed, including chromebooks, tablets and MiFi devices. More information is available in the Virtual Learning section of this plan.

"For those families with no electronic device, campuses will be offering device check-out during the week of August 3 - 7. Each campus will publish a device distribution schedule prior to the week of August 3. Please note: ONLY those families who do not have access to an appropriate device to facilitate virtual instruction use should check one out from the campus. We ask that if your family has a device, please allow those without to have the opportunity to check out a device. Virtual training opportunities will be provided for all families regarding how to use Google Classroom and Zoom through free online training videos. All families will be provided with a link to a Chromebook Scavenger Hunt that will help them to learn how to use the components of the Chromebook. Visit the district website for updated information on live Zoom training designed specifically for parents. 

"In accordance with the executive order from the governor’s office, it is mandatory for all staff and students grades 4-12 to wear masks/shields while on campus. Refusal to wear a mask will result in disciplinary action(s). The district encourages all other students to wear a mask/shield when appropriate. Inappropriate messages, logos and designs on masks/shields are prohibited.  Specifically, the District prohibits pictures, emblems or writing on masks/shields that: • are lewd, vulgar, offensive or obscene • advertise or depicts tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs or another substance prohibited under Policy FNCF (Legal)"


The full plan can be found at