Sword-wielding stepson protests eviction

  • Gregory Havard, 53, of Beaumont
    Gregory Havard, 53, of Beaumont

After threatening to "split open" his step dad's head with a sword, a 53-year-old Beaumont man was indicted Feb. 3 on an aggravated assault charge.

Just before 5 p.m. Dec. 8, 2020, Beaumont police were dispatched to Rolling Hills Drive to the residence of Gregory Doyle Havard, who was threatening his step dad while wielding a sword in each hand. Harvard had locked himself in his room by the time officers arrived.

Havard told the responding officers he wasn’t going to open the door, and that he just wanted to sleep. As officers continued to speak with Havard in an attempt to gain entry, the man said he would defend himself if anyone opened the door and that he was afraid officers would shoot him.

“Someone is going to die tonight,” Havard predicted before officers arrested him with zero reported casualties. 

After some cajoling, Havard opened the door and surrendered three swords. Officers noted a “strong” odor of alcohol on Havard’s breath and person -- further describing him as unsteady on his feet. Harvard told officers he got into an argument with his step dad, who told him to get all his stuff out of the house. Additionally, Harvard told officers he made no threats in the verbal altercation -- something his step dad disputed. 

During the disturbance, Harvard’s step dad went outside. Harvard followed, swords in hand, and allegedly told his step dad, “I will throw this sword at you and split your head open.”