The city of Orange's newly expanded council is losing long-time incumbent Jimmy Sims, now that he has been bested by challenger Annette Pernell in the race for representative of District 4. School boards in greater Orange made some changes, too. In the West Orange -Cove school district, Tony Dallas will fill a post as at-large representation currently held by Mary Fontenot Hardin, although incumbent Andrew Hayes will remain on board. Voters also elected to approve a bond initiative for a little over $6 million.


Despite an otherwise tepid voter turnout, especially on election day, the citizens who did cast their vote at the ballot box ousted four incumbents Saturday night, with the suprise of the evening coming from District 1, where Jack Chatman was unseated by Raymond Scott, 507-336.

In District 2, Liz Segler held on to her seat by a comfortable 57-vote margin, outlasting Cal Jones 287-230.

In District 3, Mayor Pro-Tem Morris Albright III had no problem dispatching former Port Arthur Mayor Oscar Ortiz, tallying 704 votes to Ortiz's 206.


Although the municipal elections in Beaumont included mayoral and city council candidates the most watched issue on the ballot Saturday, May 14 had to do with the Beaumont Independent School District and a movement to change the representative system from seven single-member districts to five single-member districts with two at-large positions - a plan similar to what is in place with the Beaumont City Council.



Becky Ames - 15,589

Christopher Jones - 2,682


Get Williams-Wright - 8,903

W.L. Pate - 8,422

Rhonda Ruben - 3,063

Nathan Cross - 7,075


Brittany Beverly - 755

Kimberly Kumar - 808

Alan Coleman - 3,439


Tawana Walter-Cadien - 1,273

Douglas Conner - 1,347

Mike Getz - 4,483


Evelyn Fontenot - 785

Audwin Samuel - 2,043


For the second time in a month the power at the Beaumont Independent School District administration building has gone out and the emergency generator installed by Walker Electric Company failed to turn on.


A source with knowledge of Port Arthur's City Council Incumbent D. Kay Wise's previous employment said Thursday afternoon that her assertion that she lives at 735 Stilwell is untrue and that the company, GP Industrial Contractors, based out of Port Arthur, who used to employ Wise, paid approximately $17,000 in rent for her over a 17-month period as part of her fringe benefit package.

Attempts to reach Wise for comment were unsuccessful.


In an attempt to keep the status-quo at the embattled Beaumont Independent School District, Superintendent Carrol Thomas and members of the group B.E.S.T. (Best Education System in Texas) have used racially charged comments to turn Saturday’s election involving representation on the board of trustees into a divisive issue pitting blacks against whites.


Faced with questions regarding the legitimacy of her residency as she tries to hold on to her Position 7 seat on the Port Arthur City Council, D. Kay Wise denied that she lives in another district and said she is the victim of “dirty politics” from her opponents.



According to reports from Child Protective Services in Beaumont, the siblings of the one-month-old child who died earlier this week have been placed in state custody. The infant’s death is thought to have resulted from co-sleeping with parents, but investigators are awaiting results of several tests, including an autopsy.


It wasn't a good weekend for Rodney Jermaine Johnson. The 36-year-old was attempting to pass a forged check Friday night at the T&J Food Market when the clerk became suspicious and called police.

When police arrived, they discovered that Johnson was indeed trying to pass a forged check. Making matters worse for Johnson was that police also discovered he was driving a stolen car out of Dallas. He was taken to the Jefferson County Jail and his bond was set at $7500. The Beaumont Police said in a release that more charges are pending against Johnson.