Woman indicted in strangling death

Alexis Moriah Abbott

A 20-year-old Beaumont woman is in the Jefferson County Jail after she was indicted for murder in the strangling death of a man in a Beaumont hotel. 

Alexis Moriah Abbott was indicted Thursday, March 21, after police say she admitted to strangling the man with a power cord at the Premier Inn and Suites on College Street in November 2012. 

An autopsy determined that 37-year-old William Kurt Schroeder was strangled to death. 

According to an investigative summary obtained by The Examiner, police believed the death “to be connected with some prostitutes operating out of (the) hotel.” 

Upon further investigation, police found Abbott who told them she strangled Schroeder because he asked her to. 

Abbott later led police to the power cord used in the killing, which was recovered by a dive team from an unnamed body of water. 

Abbott’s bond is $100,000. 



Alexis Abbott

I knew this girl, was a good friend back in the days! I can't believe how much she changed! She was a smart and beautiful woman who just decided to take the wrong path in life. I hate too see her like this. Because I know how much she could have accomplised in life and how much her little sister looked up to her. And how much pain her family must be in. But what is done is done!! And only god can judge her!!
My prayers go out to her and his family. Because as some people may not see it but they both need them.

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