Who represents whom?

Who represents whom?

The litigation filed against Beaumont ISD in the 9th Court of Appeals to compel the district to follow the law and order the election the same Board of Trustees voted on at the Feb. 21, 2013, meeting has now turned into multiple lawsuits, letter writing campaigns and allegations of racial motivations from all sides. Wednesday night, April 3, a very upset relative of one of the trustee candidates called The Examiner and subsequently came to our offices with two letters. One of the letters encouraged people to call and or mail the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to oppose the preclearance of the 7-0 map the current trustees sent for clearance in January. The other letter was asking people to join in a lawsuit against BISD. According to the church member, “I went to church not to get in to this whole mess; Our pastor was handing these things out and saying other pastors were handing them out too and we should get involved and help.” A call to several pastors went unanswered, but one person close to BISD said the district’s attorney, Melody Chappell, went to a meeting Tuesday, April 2, of the Ministers Alliance and gave the pastors the letters and asked that they help get them out to their congregation. Chappell is an attorney with the firm Wells, Peyton, Greenberg and Hunt that represents Beaumont ISD. The source said she thought it was a little strange that BISD’s lawyer (Chappell) would be encouraging a letter to get people to join a lawsuit against her client, the district. In BISD supporter Paul Jones’ petition to the court, he asked for the ruling justices to also approve the Feb. 21 districting map, but order the election to proceed November 2013. A call after hours seeking comment from the firm or Chappell was unanswered. — Examiner staff



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