Two BISD employees plead guilty to embezzlement

Devin McCraney and Sharika Allison

Two former Beaumont Independent School District employees pleaded guilty in federal court April 14, 2014, to embezzling or conspiring to embezzle more than $4 million  from the local school district.

Former finance director Devin McCraney pleaded guilty to one count of stealing or embezzling at least $5,000 from an entity that receives federal funds in that he caused more than $4 million dollars to be defrauded from the Beaumont Independent School District. The maximum penalty for his crime is up to 10 years imprisonment, a fine not to exceed $250,000 or two times the pecuniary gain, three years probation, forfeiture of three vehicles and 15 bank accounts, restitution and a $100 court fine.

Former Beaumont Independent School District comptroller Sharika Allison also pleaded guilty  April 14 to charges stemming from her role in embezzling more than $4 million from the school district. Allison pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud a public entity that receives federal funds. Allison faces up to five years in prison, a $250,000 fine or two times the pecuniary gain, three years probation, forfeiture of certain assets, restitution of more than $1 million, and an additional $100 court fine.

Federal court Judge Ron Clark said that he would set aside sentencing until after a pre-sentencing investigation report is completed on both defendants. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office prosecuting the case, both Allison and McCraney will  have their sentences subject to enhancements for the amount of money stolen, but consideration will be given since both parties "acknowledge acceptance of responsibility."



Got mines!

Got mines!

Factoid with T leaves

Be mindful that with the 2013 BISD personnel policy change, the district will obtain criminal history records for final employment candidates and disqualify those "whose criminal history indicates that the person POSES A THREAT to students or employees."

Meaning, under the 'Butch Rule', just about anyone (CURRENTLY) could be allowed to be employed or re-employed at BISD. . . . all the while the BISD stadium will bear a reminder of Butch's rule. . . . casting a dark reminder over the community which experienced an era it did not deserve.

AND, needless to say, one can only imagine the potential lawsuit that could be filed to fight for instituting such a policy. . . . in the name of the 'disadvantaged' rightfully claiming to be qualified for a job that BISD should grant/honor.

Are the Rats Jumping Yet?

Meanwhile, Comrade Chargois, et al, fiddle on madly while the "HMS Recognized" sinks from beneath them into the abyss.

They ratted the others out.

They ratted the others out. Otherwise it wouldn't have happened so quickly.

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