City to discuss confederate memorial in Orange

City to discuss confederate memorial in Orange

Orange Councilwoman Annette Pernell encourages citizens to attend a town hall meeting on Saturday, March 23, to voice their opinions on the erection of a Confederate Veterans Memorial Park in Orange. City officials, local clergy and civic leaders intend to meet to discuss the planned construction at 10 a.m. at the American Legion Lloyd Grubbs Post 49 located at 108 Green Ave. A representative of the National Action Network will be present as a moderator for the event.

The debate rages on as members of the community who are opposed to the memorial park continue to protest the construction based on negative associations with slavery and the battle flag of the Confederacy, while The Sons of the Confederate Veterans (SCV) and their supporters defend their position stating the park would simply honor their deceased ancestors who fought for the South in the Civil War. Property for the park located at 4120 S. Interstate 10 in Orange was purchased by Granvel Block on behalf of the SCV organization for which he is a division commander. The planned memorial is to be home to 26 different Confederate flags, including the infamous battle flag with which so many are familiar. From what city officials have said, the battle flag would be visible to passersby on Interstate 10, and many members of the community believe the image presented would be detrimental to the City of Orange, stifling growth and discouraging new business. SCV, on the other hand, believes the majority of citizens in Orange and the surrounding areas would be pleased to have such a place to go pay tribute to Confederate soldiers.



It's Your Heritage

Way to often the majority remains silent while a relatively small group makes such a fuss that it appearers to be the majority will. Monuments and memorials such as this serve to remind us of the the sacrifices of our ancestors (on both sides). Those that would seek to erase/re-write history plan to remake our great society into something quite different from what most of us would imagine or support. I have been as guilty as any in the past of standing by silently as the revisionists slowly erase our past, just pick up a Texas history book from the late 70s and compare it to one issued today if you have any doubt as to how disastrous our ignoring of the progressive agenda has been.It is long past time for the silent majority to stop being so silent.

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