Thief caught in the act

Thief caught in the act

According to a report from the Orange Police Department, 45-year-old Orange resident Dexter Sias was caught red-handed trying to steal a stereo from a vehicle parked at a business in the 400 block of Green Ave. in Orange at approximately 12:04 a.m. on Wednesday, April 10.

Officer Christopher Cowart reported he heard the call from dispatch regarding someone breaking into a white Ford Mustang located at Baker's Transmission on Green Ave. Upon arrival at the scene, Cowart indicated he observed the vehicle and shined his flashlight in the direction of the car. The officer reported he saw a black male in the seated position in the back of the car with the back seat folded down and his legs extending into the trunk of the car. Cowart stated in his report that the man "had a surprised look on his face" when discovered and was holding speaker wires in his hands. The passenger side window was broken allowing the suspect to gain entry into the vehicle. A disconnected Pioneer amp sat in the passenger side of the seat, according to the report. The dash radio was missing.

Officer Cowart then reportedly asked the suspect to exit the vehicle. The man identified himself to the officers on the scene as Sias. He was immediately arrested for burglary of a vehicle and transported to the Orange County Jail. Police later went to the jail and took a voluntary statement from Sias, who reportedly admitted to forcibly entering the vehicle with the intent to steal items to sell and also admitted taking the stereo out of the dash of the car. Sias told police the stereo would be found on the front step of the business where the theft occurred, police reported, and the item was found where indicated. The owner of the business indicated to police he would press charges for the theft.



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