Ten-year-old killed in auto-pedestrian accident in Port Arthur

Ten-year-old killed in auto-pedestrian accident in Port Arthur

Ten-year-old Tyvone Joseph Washington of Port Arthur died as the result of a weekend auto-pedestrian accident in the 8500 block of Memorial Boulevard in Port Arthur on March 29 at close to 10 p.m.., police report. The boy was reportedly going home from the mall.

According to a news release from the Port Arthur Police Department, responding officers discovered that a silver Volvo SUV traveling southbound on Memorial Boulevard struck the boy as he was crossing the street. The driver told police she had seen several people crossing the street but did not see Washington, who was last to cross. Police learned that the group of boys had been to Central Mall and were attempting to cross the divided highway. All made it safely across with the exception of Washington.

Judge Marc DeRouen pronounced the boy dead at the scene and ordered an inquest into the incident.

PAPD Major Raymond Clark said the boys were not crossing at a protected intersection, which could have prevented the accident.

"The only intersection near there is about a quarter of a mile or so away," Clark said.

Clark also advised that the group of boys were without adult supervision at the time of the accident.



I am about his age & attened

I am about his age & attened dequeen some boys from our 5 and 4 grade class was with him when he got hit they say they all erre runnin back in fourth but they regret leavin him there conchince are kickin their but they Miss him so much theyrregret leavin him but the oldest was 13 he should have been watchin all the boys they were in da 4th and 5th graders im so sorry 4 the family i knew him i willppray 2 him Every night thank u

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