Teacher assaulted at West Orange-Stark Middle School

Teacher assaulted at West Orange-Stark Middle School

A student reportedly injured a West Orange-Stark Middle School teacher during an altercation at the school on May 8, according to a report from the Orange Police Department (OPD).

OPD Officer Caleb Davis investigation the incident Thursday, May 9. According to the report, the victim was working in the behavior unit at the Middle School when a student attempted to leave the classroom without permission. The student allegedly tried to walk out of the room and demanded their cell phone from the teacher. While the student was attempting to leave, the teacher told police the student pushed into her with their shoulder. The teacher reportedly raised her hands, palm out, to defend against the shove. That was when the student was reported to have grabbed the teacher by her hand and twisted it around. When the juvenile let go of the teacher's hand, the teacher told police she was in pain and could see her right pinky finger was injured. She went to the Orange Baptist Hospital emergency room for treatment of a broken/dislocated finger and was referred to Beaumont Bone and Joint for further assessment and additional treatment.

A call to West Orange Cove Independent School District regarding the student's punishment for the incident was not yet returned at the time this article was posted.



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