Sexuality the deciding factor in program’s closure

Sexuality the deciding factor in program’s closure

UPDATES: Instructor Cequana Clark informed The Examiner on Thursday evening, Sept. 13, that she has been asked to turn in her keys and receipt book, terminating her employment with BISD. Clark anticipated losing half her paycheck with the cancelation of the adult cosmetology program, but she was still employed as a night-class instructor for the Taylor Center. That was before she says Principal Thomas Amons told her, "We've decided to let you go. We don't need your services anymore."

A Facebook group with more than 300 members, Southeast Texans Against BISD’s Taylor Center Principal Thomas Amons, has organized a protest for Saturday, Sept. 15, in front of the BISD administration building beginning at 10 a.m. The group is organized by Amy Loupe Jones. Member Mo Taylor-Boggan said Amons’ actions are just not acceptable. “If nothing else, at least an investigation needs to be presented,” said Taylor-Boggan, a mother of children in BISD and herself a graduate of BISD. The BISD administration building is at 3395 Harrison Ave. The Facebook group can be found at

BISD officials released a statement to some local news outlets defending Amons' decision: "Due to budget restraints and no Beaumont ISD cosmetology graduates registering for the class, the Taylor Career center is no longer offering an extended courtesy evening cosmetology class for adults. Amons stressed that the high school cosmetology program at Taylor still exists. But he said the school can no longer afford to fund the part of the program serving non-BISD cosmetology program graduates."

Contrary to BISD's statement, however, the program instructor has documentation that shows that at least one BISD Taylor Career Center graduate was continuing toward her license this semester in the adult program.


After more than a decade, the Adult Cosmetology class offered through Beaumont Independent School District’s Taylor Career and Technology Center is closing. The reason, instructor Cequana Clark says, is that Principal Thomas Amons would rather close the program than admit a man Amons thought was gay after a brief encounter with the prospective student on the first day of class Sept 10.

“I don’t understand this. I really don’t,” Clark said. “(Amons) told me he would rather shut down the program altogether than to have ‘riff-raff’ like that in the program. The next day, he shut down the program.”

Clark, who has headed the adult cosmetology program since 2009 at BISD, said, “Earlier this year, I learned he had a problem with gay guys while we were at the hair show in April.” Clark said at the hair show, Amons told her that he never wanted to see “flamboyantly gay guys” in the BISD program like the men enrolled at other programs competing in the event.

“I couldn’t believe it then; I kind of thought he was just venting at that time,” Clark said of what she called an awkward encounter. Clark said she knew Amons was serious when 22-year-old Kwmane Gray tried to enroll in the program.

“As soon as we got a student that (Amons) thought was gay, that was the end. He saw (Gray) come into the class, and then he came to get me out of there,” Clark said of Principal Amons, a man who also serves as a deacon at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. The instructor said she was told to tell Gray he wasn’t welcome in the program. Feeling a moral objection to what was taking place, she refused. “I told (Amons) if he wanted to tell that young man that, he would need to do that himself.”

After bringing another instructor in on the conversation, Amons said he would consult BISD’s legal representation on how to proceed.“The next day (Sept. 11), (Amons) told me that the legal department said he couldn’t exclude (Gray) based on his sexual preference, but that as the principal of the school he could decide to no longer offer the program. He said the last day would be Thursday, Sept. 13.”

The closing of the program not only affected new enrollees like Gray, Clark added; four students were already enrolled in the program when classes were set to resume Sept. 10. Clark said enrollment has steadily increased in the program since she started in 2009, jumping from two students to eight when the call came down to close the program. Clark, who aside from her BISD job holds positions as a pastor of a Groves church and owner of a salon in Beaumont, said she is heartbroken at the thought of students not being able to utilize the much-needed program any longer.

“I take this very seriously. Most of my students coming in are single moms trying to move ahead and make a life for themselves. My thing is, I bust my tail off with this program: I give God the glory because it’s been doing good since I’ve been there. At the very least, I’d like to see Mr. Amons apologize to that young man and to allow those already entered in the program to finish their instruction to get licensed,” Clark said, adding that the right thing to do would be to continue the program and allow Gray to enter.

“The whole thing is just mind-blowing.”

Clark said she had mixed feelings about speaking out about what she knew concerning the closure of the adult cosmetology class, but in the end, she had to do what she knew was right.

“It’s a chance they may fire me all the way, and honestly that’s a chance I’m willing to take,” she said. “I made up in my mind I’m not going to compromise or lie for anyone. I love my job – love it, love it, love it – but I have to stand up for what’s right.”

Clark was right to worry about her job. She informed The Examiner on Thursday evening, Sept. 13, that she has been asked to turn in her keys and receipt book, terminating her employment with BISD. Clark anticipated losing half her paycheck with the cancelation of the adult cosmetology program, but she was still employed as a night-class instructor for the Taylor Center. That was before she says Principal Thomas Amons told her, "We've decided to let you go. We don't need your services anymore."

Students rally for fairness, education

“This is like a hate crime,” Gray told The Examiner. Gray, who has spent the last three semesters as an A and B Lamar University student, said he was initially excited to start the BISD program to save on cost of tuition and acquire his cosmetology license in enough time to enter Lamar State College – Orange in January to finish course work toward becoming a certified nurse by the spring of next year. “He never even talked to me. He just judged me. I don’t know and I don’t care (why); I just don’t want him to be over any other kids and maybe do that to them, too. He can cause a lot of trouble for students like that.”

Gray said he is gay but has never been open about his sexuality before now, and was forced into the spotlight when word was given to the entire class that the reason no one would be furthering their education in cosmetology was because of him.

“Six or seven other girls in there can’t get their license because of me,” Gray explained. “That just isn’t right.

“Right now, I can see I’m going to need counseling. I wasn’t at the point in my life to really open up about my sexuality. This is a big depression on me – he thought I was gay, and he didn’t want me around. That’s pretty tough to hear.”

Other students attempting to enroll in this semester’s classes also had stern words for the administration.

Liliana Gonzalez, who has already invested registration fees and over 600 hours in the program, wrote a letter to principal Amons. “I don’t think this is fair,” she said. “(Gray) is a human, I already spent time and money in this class ... because I want a better life, and now what?”“This is honestly ridiculous,” returning student Ashley Martinez wrote. “I never heard of something like this happening for such a stupid reason.”

Martinez also had a warning for Amons.

“If you think you’re going to get away with this, you’re more than wrong.”

Prospective student Arilene Serna said she, too, was appalled by the decision-making process that allowed prejudice against homosexuals to end class instruction, adding “It’s so not fair to the students that have already been studying in the program. I’m really disappointed the cosmetology program is going to be shut down for a reason meant to hurt someone.”

Gray’s mother, Sharee Logan, said she was hurt, angered and disappointed by what she learned from BISD instructor Clark in the aftermath of the adult cosmetology program’s closure.

“My son is trying to be somebody in life,” Logan said through strained tears. “He is trying to go to school; he’s in his last semester.“(Amons) discriminated against my son, just from looking at him. I thought we lived in America. This has hurt me so bad for him to call my son a riff-raff.

“Whether my son is gay or not is none of his business. We live in a time where people are committing suicide behind stuff like this. This is my only son.

“I want this story to be told. This is not right. I don’t appreciate it. I’m a Christian myself, but God said to love everybody.”No comment

Attempts to reach Amons at his office were unsuccessful. Multiple messages left with various BISD officials – communication representatives Jessie Haynes and Ron Reynolds, assistant superintendent Patria Lambert, and BISD legal counsel Melody Chappell – were also unanswered as of press time.

BISD trustee Tom Neild said if the facts surrounding the program closure are all true, he’s appalled.

“Even though this is impacting just a few students, it’s very important to those students,” he said. “I definitely intend on following this matter to get to the bottom of this.”

Adult cosmetology instructor Clark said she hopes her boss, Amons, can have a change of heart, but she isn’t holding her breath at this point.

“I just can’t imagine him doing this,” she said. “I don’t really think he thought this whole thing out.”

Jennifer Johnson can be reached at (409) 832-1400, ext. 231, or by e-mail at jennifer [at] theexaminer [dot] com.














Mr. Amons needs to retire

Mr. Amons has been moved from Central because of incidences there which were swept under the rug. He thinks he is God running that campus. My story will come out very soon on what he has done involving my son. He treats people like they are beneath him.

How long before Amons comes out of the closet??

Eventually we discover that people like Amons are, themselves, gay and have a secret life that's been going on for years, mostly involving little boys and church basements.

Thank goodness this idiot

Thank goodness this idiot only represents a relatively small group of idiots these days. Be it African Americans or Christians, civil rights for gay people is a reality that is supported by a majority of Americans - and if he wants to turn himself into a knight of the Klu Klux Klan, fine. He may become a beneficiary of wing-nut welfare over time, but as we know happens with most overt bigots, he's going to remain a very miserable man.
I hope for his sake he begins to realize that all he's doing, as are most people with his twisted lack of values - is projecting his self-hatred onto others, and in his part of the world, onto those who're not able to fight back. Gee, ho very brave of him.
The fact that such a situation rings no bells for him, shows he's either a sociopath, or that a knock on the head has wiped his memory.

Stereotypically Texas...

I think this story is very sad; coming from England, this situation does nothing to allay my idea of Texas as being stereotypically macho, homophobic and to a certain degree right-wing Christian. I really hope that something happens to positively change my perceptions.

Mr. Amons had a duty to protect out children

Mr. Amons has a duty to protect out children. He is entitled to his opinion and his beliefs. The bible teaches us to be fruitful and mutiply. It dosn't say chop down the tree and burn the stump. Two gay men or two gay women can only make one thing "A Mess". I don't want a gay person cutting my lawn, much less my hair.

You're an idiot, if you knew

You're an idiot, if you knew anything about the bible, then you'd know that the laws about homosexuality (among other BS rules- don't touch lobster or you're going to hell!) pertains to the Mosiac law, which is NOT RELEVANT and doesn't apply to Christians.

Okay doofus, if it's our job to 'multiply' Let's go out and annul every relationship, every marriage where one or both partners are unable to procrate (for medical reasons) or are unwilling.

While you're at it, make sex unlawful unless only for conception and only allow it during ovulation.

Let's not allow people who aren't white in schools because obviously they're bad evil people and will hurt others. Get a life.

The only thing anyone needs

The only thing anyone needs to be protected from is your virulent ignorance, lest it become airborne and infect us all.



Of course he's entitled to

Of course he's entitled to his beliefs. Hes not entitled to use tax payers money to force his religion and hate onto others, though.
But then, you lot actually want America to become a theocracy, don't you?

So basically, you're choosing

So basically, you're choosing to ignore most of the bible, and just cherry pick the bits you like so you can use it as a justification for childishly projecting your self hatred onto others.
Gay people are no risk to your kids., Neither are black people, for that matter. Or Jews.
But reality won't stop you idiots, will it? The need to exorcize your misery is just too strong, apparently.
Very sad.

Protect our Children

What does a gay man (or woman or straight man or woman) cutting hair have to do with protect our children. First off, this is an adult school where ADULTS come to learn not children. If children come to the school with their parents, it would be the parents thought to do anything.

The fact that you don;t want a gay person cutting your lawn much less your hair.... WTF. Come on, I assume that you do not eat at restaurants, go to movies, show at stores, pump gas, fly the friendly skies or anything else outside your house. Gay people (and gay friendly people) are everywhere. Hell, most of the priests in the Catholic church are gay (or we would not be having these alter boy issues)

While you are entitles to your beliefs, so are others. Please realize that opinions are like A$$holes, everyone has one and they all stink.

Good luck doing anything without being infested by the gays. Enjoy your solidarity.

" I don't want a gay person

" I don't want a gay person cutting my lawn, much less my hair."

This is pretty damn funny considering the long & distinguished history of gay hairdressers (not to mention gay men in other fields)!

Where do I begin? First, not

Where do I begin? First, not leaving your name in your post makes you a coward, but that is to be expected, as only cowards would hide behind such drivel as you're spouting. Pathetic. Second, you mention the "duty to protect out [sic] children" (I won't even bother getting into that little Freudian slip), but the victim of this incident was 22 years old. One can then extrapolate from this that the institution is, oh I don't know, perhaps a place FOR ADULTS to learn? What children is he protecting? You're an idiot. Third: yes, I am the kind of person who believes everyone has the right to their own opinion, even you. However, what Amons did was absolutely inexcusable. Not only did he humiliate a person who had done nothing wrong, his over-reaction dissolved an entire class, affecting other students. Selfish. What kind of principal does such a thing? I would have assumed any competent member of the educational system would NOT want to affect a student's learning. I guess it's true, to assume DOES make an "ass" out of "u" and "me". Fourth: don't start quoting bible verses at me. This is a school, something wholly separate from religion. Also, what the hell does "It dosn't say chop down the tree and burn the stump" mean? Isn't that exactly what he did by dissolving the class because of ONE student he at the time only THOUGHT was gay? You're worthless. Two gay men or two gay women can only make "A Mess"? No, gay people make no messes. People like you are the mess makers. That gay student didn't cause this mess, the ignorant and bigoted principal did. They say to remember the difference between the spelling of "principle" and "principal" think "the principal is your pal". Guess this principal never heard of that one. And what difference does it make who cuts your lawn? Why aren't you cutting your own lawn, you lazy termagant? Absolutely pathetic. In closing, I do believe a person has the right to his or her own beliefs, but this was not a man acting on his beliefs, it was a man hurting someone because he was a monster uncomfortable with the victim's sexuality. You're a monster too if you think Amons was justified in what he did.

Contradictions Abound

Although contradictions within our society are evident, that does not mean they should be embraced or accepted . . . . whether there are laws that guarantee job placement based on racial preference when others are substantially more qualified . . . . or prejudices based upon the choice of one's sexual preference.

The concept that all men are created equally and will be treated equally and fairly within society should be a concept worth embracing and celebrating.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

As a gay man, whenever I hear of some anti-gay nut go on a rant all I can think is, "Man, that dude is SUCH a self-hating 'mo."

I think we all know how this is going to end up: The countdown to Thomas Amons being caught having sex with another man begins in 3..., 2..., 1...

The Deacon Doth Protest

Too Much. Can't be around gays...sounds like a seriously individual. Probably can't deal with his own attraction to men.

Hating in the name of God

I love the way people use religion to justify hate, discrimination and violence. Can anyone really justify mistreating one of God's precious creation in the name of God? We are meant to love our neighbors. No exceptions. No exclusions. No excuses.

Reminds me of a story I just read the other day:

A beloved Quaker nurse died at the end of World War I in a Polish village where she tended the needs of villagers during the time of war. Parishioners of the local church asked their priest if she could be buried in the Catholic cemetery, the only one in town. The priest noted that the rules were clear that only Catholics be buried in the Catholic cemetery. As a gesture of support, he suggested that the nurse be buried just outside the cemetery’s fence instead. The parishioners reluctantly agreed.

The morning after the good nurse's funeral the priest discovered that the fence had been moved around her grave site, so that she was now included among those whom she had helped.

Love had had its say.

I sent a copy of this article

I sent a copy of this article to GLAAD this morning. I hope they become involved. This young man needs some support and validation that he did nothing wrong, and that it was pure bigotry that shut this program down. I also want to thank Jayne Bordelon for her kind and understanding words, in realizing this has many more ramifications for this young man than simply not being able to attend a training class.

Higher Ups Had to Know - Including Super

I don't see how a principal can make the call to shut down an education program without approval from higher-ups. I'm thinking this decision to cancel the program was approved by Dr. Chargois, too.

Whats done in the dark.

This is a very sad situation. As long as i've known Amons, I known him to be a homophobe, being a former gay student of his. Once i was outted to him, I became the butt of joke between him and other male educators at the school i attended. I was even threaten with suspension if "My Acts" we ever noticed. This has been well over 15 years ago, but the memory lingers. I feel sorry for (Gray), NO ONE should ever be denied the right to better themselves because of sexual orientation. People like him should no longer be aloud to have dealing with kids and their education.

Bring it out of the dark

Former Amons Student, thank you for bringing this information to all of us. Hurtful actions and words imposed on a young person by an ignorant adult educator is uncalled for and won't be tolerated. I hope your life is better now. I am glad that you are out of that dungeon of cruelty and non-acceptance. Many voices are rising UP against this injustice to students everywhere. And to let you know, this story is probably going nationwide.


While it is true that this man's actions are appalling, it is especially sickening that someone like this is in a position of authority.

Be careful. BISD police shoot

Be careful. BISD police shoot and kill people at that location.


The Student ( Grey ) has legal grounds to sue since the Principal had verbally said that he is the cause of the program being ended...This IS a Violation of State law. Where its illegal to discriminate based upon sexual orientation. Grey should seek legal council and sue for all that principal is worth and then some. He should contact the ACLU today!

WOW! Unbelieveable!!

This principal is suspect of these accusations because he never spoke with the young man! WOW!Just closed the program DOWN and take people out of jobs and allow single mothers to lose hope. Why would anyone shut down a program that has already started with people enrolled and money paid..I believe the program will and can reopen by next week. NO excuses!! BISD needs to look more into this or they will be all over CNN next week.. this is UNBELIVEABLE!!


As someone who donates to the ACLU, I am forwarding this article on to determine if they think they can intervene in any way. These bigots need to be stopped.


I feel like this should be something handled within our community first. Involving ACLU representatives from New York, among others, just seems like we are incapable of developing a decent reputation. If we let outsiders in to do a job that we as a city are entirely capable of doing then we allow everyone to add intolerance to the long list of reasons folks look down on this great place. I for one don't want something like homophobia to typify Beaumont. We are a strong, loving community full of people who care for eachother. If we stand up and right our own wrongs, we succeed in showing others that "Typical Beaumont" is one that cares for its residents and does what is right when the need comes.


Hey, I followed your lead and sent another copy of this to the media office of the ACLU in New York City. Hopefully they will step in and do something. Jim Crow law much? ~shakes head~

I also sent this article to

I also sent this article to GLAAD.

gay people

You know when I was a 20 year old Canadian in the USA going to school in 1969 some young 20 year old Americans said to me that that there would never be a black president and no black 5 star generals ever.

Since gays are the most hated people in spite of a black president of the USA saying it is okay and cool be gay, what can any one say about this vocation school principal. I hope justice fixes the problem like a call from Mr. Obama the president himself. There are millions of awesome people in the USA but sadly this principal gets all the press.

Why not have A LOT MORE gay students enroll?

Just like the 70s, have a full-out blitz of gay students enroll in as many programs across the board. Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, Psych, French, English. Then on Oct 12 (National Coming Out Day), they all wear NCOD t-shirts and blue-jeans. Or drag or whatever.

The principle can either kick out these students or shutdown the school.

Ashamed to be a Texan

Hope the folks @ BISD and their attorneys think it was worth it to close this program down.

I also hope they have the $1,000,000 or so it's going to cost them for their bigotry. They'd best fire the principal ASAP before the price goes up and every member of the school board who supports such hate filled ignorance.

They dare to call themselves Christians and wonder why their churches are dying.

Civil rights only for a select few?

This whole matter is so inflammatory and unnerving that a minority who is old enough to remember Jim Crow law would, per his decision, re enact it based upon differences not of skin color but of sexual orientation. If i were this young man I would file suit in Federal Court for a 14th amendment violation. As a citizen of The United States this young man is entitled to equal protection under the law. I am so sickened tired of one minority group throwing another minority group under the bus. What's the matter? Don't you think about other people needing protection or will it take the spotlight off of your own plight? This is surely a matter for the courts and I would like to see this principle and BISD AT LARGE drawn into the suit as well as TEA so that they would be forced to make a move these churches who have a strangle hold on the school district down here. Good luck young man.


You know, here it is 2012 and I'm really appalled that this is still happening in this area. If you want to live your life stuck in days gone by (about 500 years), go ahead. I don't care but don't expect everyone else to and don't spread all that hate. I'm from this area but lived in the northeast for some time and, I can promise you, people here who still practice this kind of bigotry are in for a big surprise. Wake up, evolve, move forward and stop being so selfish. In other words...grow up.

This is unsubstantiated

There is no attempt to portray the principal's side of the story, and there is no mention made of trying to directly interview him. That means everything is hearsay; portraying only one side of the story is simply shoddy journalism and destroys any credibility. The Examiner needs to examine the quality of stories it is printing.

Reading Comprehension

re: "There is no attempt to portray the principal's side of the story, and there is no mention made of trying to directly interview him."

From the article: "Attempts to reach Amons at his office were unsuccessful. Multiple messages left with various BISD officials – communication representatives Jessie Haynes and Ron Reynolds, assistant superintendent Patria Lambert, and BISD legal counsel Melody Chappell – were also unanswered as of press time."

I wonder

I wonder who wrote the above statement...?
Submitted by Anonymous?
Really, Really?

the truth will be reavealed

.Beaumont and Mr. Amons have released a statement and said that they couldnt support the adult program-its a self suffiecient program, that runs off the adult cosmetology tuition. There where also students from the high school who wanted to attend.. So why lie..People lie to cover the truth. I see he hasnt denied the accussations hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

And what would the

And what would the principal's side of the story be? I am a hypocrit and a bigot? And no, the credibility is not destroyed. But we'll all soon see, now won't we? I'm sure there will be attorneys involved very soon. I guarantee principal bigot will be changing his tune, or looking for another job. And I'm sure you'll be back to apologize for your "shoddy journalism" comment, won't you? Because you're a stand up kind of guy.

This is why so many of or youths are killing their selfs

This is why so many of our youth are killing theirselves,They look up to us just to be shut down by the ones they think cares. How sad for this young man. He wants to be a nurse i wonder what he would do if he ever had to care for the man that judged him.sad sad sad.

Typical Christian bigot

Typical Christian bigot. I don't know why anyone would choose to be a Christian anymore, this sort of discrimination and hatred is ubiquitous in Christian circles. This sort of behavior doesn't give Christians a bad name, this is what they believe! The Bible tells Christians to stone gay people, so this guy is obviously a liberal Christian for not stoning that poor college student right on the spot. But then again, this is the sort of nonsense that books from the Bronze age spout. The world would be a significantly better place if religion didn't exist.

Not every Christian is a

Not every Christian is a bigot or a homophobe. There are a great number of liberal Christians who really do subscribe to the values Jesus preached . Not all Christians are represented by Pat Robertson and the Moral Majority religious right any more than all Muslims are bomb-toting terrorists, or all atheists are smug types like Hitchens and Dawkins. Hypocrite much?

I'm not a Christian, but it's

I'm not a Christian, but it's worth noting that Ms. Clark, the lady who got fired for not kicking the kid out of class is also a Christian, and a pastor, herself.
There are good ones out there, but it's the bad ones who get all the publicity.


Christian Bigotry and Black Homophobia. It's sickening that BISD let this guy get away with this.

Comments from Coretta Scott King

"My husband, Martin Luther King Jr., once said, “We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny… an inescapable network of mutuality,… I can never be what I ought to be until you are allowed to be what you ought to be.” Therefore, I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream to make room at the table of brotherhood and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people.

Gays and lesbians stood up for civil rights in Montgomery, Selma, in Albany, Ga. and St. Augustine, Fla., and many other campaigns of the Civil Rights Movement. Many of these courageous men and women were fighting for my freedom at a time when they could find few voices for their own, and I salute their contributions.”

—Coretta Scott King, speaking at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change Conference on November 9, 2000

to punish one, let many suffer

So, is it better to keep out one "flamboyant" gay guy than to teach dozens of single mothers who want to learn how to support themselves?


I must first say I don't live in Beaumont. I am just curious as to how much money does BISD have laying around since the Calvin Walker issue? I think they are about to spend your tax dollars on a lawyer. Why do you citizens put up with this stuff??

Here is the answer no one

Here is the answer no one wants to say. This area's population is about 1/2 white 1/2 black. After years of oppression during segregation (which didn't happen until the 80s because of obstructionist white judges), the black community got out the vote using powerful black churches (good for them). Once in control of the district they then solidified their hold with gerrymandering. This group then enacted an agenda of retribution. Tearing down historic buildings because they were emblems of segregation, awarding contracts on racial basis,failure to address improprieties amongst member of the inner circle (equipment salvage fraud, payroll fraud) making unilateral decisions without community input, making strategic board appointments to fill vacancies, etc. Each time they overcame resistance with their unified majority of the board they became more emboldened. Feeling their church driven majority made them irreproachable this culture has spread thru the ranks til now your get the administration rallying around a principal that is clearly doing the wrong thing. Hopefully the facts of this latest story may get some to question their retribution agenda and start doing the right things as elected officials. But, I fully expect the district to defend this principle with tax payer money.

I'm not sure if you're

I'm not sure if you're dishonest or ignorant. Regardless, your pretense that you know the situation is dishonest in itself.
Your demographic claim is laughable, as has already been stated.
What's more: to equate all black people with ths bigot shows you to be one yourself - and this bizarre idea that white people are now victims because they don't control everything - well, such ideas are the subject of comedy.
Grow up. If there are lots of 'black' people, then it's rather likely that there will be lots of 'them' in politics and in jobs that are not how you'd prefer: cleaning your toilet.

Your "answer no one wants to say" seems to be that black people have too much power, they should not have equal rights, and they should not have proportional representation. There's a reason "no one wants to say" that: because only white supremacists believe the nonsense you're spewing.

"This area's population is

"This area's population is about 1/2 white 1/2 black."

According to the 2010 U. S. Census, Beaumont has a non-Hispanic White population of 34.7%.

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