Robbery victim jumps in suspect's getaway car

Robbery victim jumps in suspect's getaway car


Police say a Beaumont man came face to face with the very thieves he had escaped from at his home on Daisy Street.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Examiner, on March 18, BPD was called to the home to find the homeowner who told them three black males had kicked in his door yelling “Beaumont Police!”

When the man realized the intruders were not the police, he ran to the bathroom and escaped from a window to get help. Inside, the three masked men held a female occupant of the home at gunpoint until she was forced into a bedroom where her small children were.

While the men gathered whatever jewelry and cash they could from the home, the homeowner was able to flag down a red Toyota Tundra after exiting the bathroom window and jumped into the vehicle and asked the driver to use his cell phone.

As the driver circled Dowlen Road near the victim’s home, it wasn’t long before the victim realized the driver wasn’t about to help the homeowner. The homeowner told police the driver was stalling and acting suspicious while on the phone.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the homeowner realized he was in serious danger when he told the driver, “I need to get out of here,” to which the driver replied “I bet you do, motherf**ker.”

The man immediately jumped from the moving truck and fled but was able to jump in another vehicle that followed the Toyota Tundra while the victim wrote down the license plate number.

At least one witness later told police he had seen the red Toyota pickup stop at a drainage ditch near the victim’s home on Daisy Street and that three masked men quickly jumped into the truck before it turned on Westgate.

According to police, the victim had inadvertently flagged down the getaway driver, a man they later identified as 27-year-old Armaud Rashad Sears of Beaumont.

Sears was arrested a short time after the home invasion and was picked out of a lineup by the victim. Police also took statements from the woman who rented the red Toyota Tundra, an inmate and an acquaintance of Sears, who all told police Sears had bragged to them about the Daisy home invasion, offering details to at least one of his friends about the victim jumping in the car with him.

Sears is currently in the Jefferson County Jail on charges of aggravated robbery.

— Clay Thorp



Grown Ass Man Runs Away From Robbers Without His Family ?

Is It Just Me , But What Kind Of Grown-Ass Man Leaves His Woman & Children In Danger ? A Real Man Defends His Family, No Matter Who Or What Threatens Them.It Is Only By The Grace Of God That This Woman & Her Children Are Safe. As For The Other Cowards. You're Gonna Try That At The Wrong House & Get Your Ass Shot. "Come To My House, I Don't Call 911 But You Will ".

Coward Jumps Into Wrong Vehicle

" Dumb & Dumber ". But what kind of man runs out his own house, then leaves his wife & kids at home during a home invasion robbery ? Because All He Heard Was The Robbers Yelling " Beaumont Police " ????? Sorry, but that makes me wonder what kind of criminal activity was the homeowner involved in ?

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