Report of BISD released

Report of BISD released

The Examiner has obtained a copy of a Texas Education Agency investigation report that outlines multiple deficiencies in the Special Education Department of the Beaumont Independent School District.

Signed by TEA Associate Commissioner Sally Partridge, the 27-page report also contains retorts to some of the findings made on behalf of BISD. Among the findings: special education classes are being taught by non-highly qualified teachers, BISD fails to provide services to special education students as required by student assessment plans, BISD fails to ensure that “surrogate parents” fulfill their responsibilities as required by law, and “there has been a disproportionate number of students with disabilities being placed in out-of-school suspension.”

The investigation was performed by Judy Struve from the TEA’s Division of Program Monitoring and Intervention, who recommends in her findings that the Texas Commission of Education assign a monitor to the district, “to oversee the improvement of program effectiveness concerns and the correction of noncompliance.”

A copy of the report is attached below.




At B.I.S.D. the most important qualification for employment is being black. To hell with education and the children our first and primary goal is to protect black people.

With All Due Respect

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, 'race' has absolutely nothing to do with the BISD crime syndicate . . . which could be decisively dealt with via the RICO Act. Who can argue that there is the vivid appearance that the most desirable BISD employee is one who will likely actively perpetuate and voluntarily defend honorably the criminal activities within BISD. . . . individuals having real world experience in dealing with the law or the justice system . . . individuals having a sundry of qualifications to further nefarious activities . . . having questionable backgrounds, a weak character, or the desire to deceive or bully . . . . individuals who willingly remain silent in order to protect persons who are known and unknown - having power, position and privilege . . . individuals who are willing to protect inappropriate or nefarious activities because they are 'safe and accepted' amongst a like-minded band of fools and thieves who are most likely unable to find either another job or a better job . . . a job where integrity is a 'given' . . . the 'norm' . . . an expectation within a caring, giving, civil community.

Thank you! BISD does not care

Thank you! BISD does not care about hiring people who know the laws and actually know how to do their jobs. They are more interested in shortcuts and deception. That's why they end up losing a lot of good people.

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