Port Arthur ISD’s Superintendent Brown announces departure

Port Arthur ISD’s Superintendent Brown announces departure

After returning from an extended hiatus at the end of last year amid legal battles and public scrutiny, Port Arthur Independent School District Superintendent Johnny Brown announced his resignation from the job Thursday, March 28. Brown is expected to stay in his position until his contract expires in September 2014. He came to the district in 2006.
Brown has spent his career in schools in Texas, Ohio and Alabama and Georgia. Upon leaving his post with the Georgia school, shortly before becoming PAISD’s superintendent, Brown was criticized for, among other things, inflated salaries for certain employees of that school district revealed in an audit conducted by Ernst & Young. Brown received a roughly $450,000 exit package upon leaving that school district.
Brown’s employment status became a question in Port Arthur in October 2012, when the district’s top employee was missing in action for roughly two months.
The PAISD Board of Trustees met Tuesday, Nov. 27, in a three-hour long closed-door meeting without Brown for the purpose of “consultation with attorney regarding complaint against the superintendent of schools” and “to deliberate the performance, evaluation and job duties of the superintendent of schools.”
Brown returned to his duties Dec. 13, announcing his arrival through PAISD attorney Melody Chappell: “The matter regarding the complaint against the Superintendent of Schools for Port Arthur ISD has been resolved. A thorough investigation was conducted and a review was done by the school board.
“This is a personnel issue and the board members are precluded by law from discussing this matter in the public. The superintendent has returned to work, and no other comment will be forthcoming regarding this matter.”
— Jennifer Johnson



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