Police say woman defrauded husband in coma

Lenora Reese-McNair

A sordid tale of betrayal and fraud is making its way through the Jefferson County courts.

It all started in December 2012 when Derek McNair of Beaumont suffered a massive heart attack, sending the aging man into a coma from which he has yet to awaken. In the months after his heart attack, McNair made his way from St. Elizabeth Hospital, to Mid-Jefferson Hospital, and then finally to Kindred Care in Louisiana before doctors put him on life support. He suffers from “anoxic encephalopathy, with a terminal diagnosis” according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Examiner.

But as he lay in his hospital bed, unable to communicate with family members or friends, Derek’s girlfriend made her own plans.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Lenora Denise Reese-McNair, 51, of Beaumont, obtained a marriage license for herself and her ailing husband-to-be by claiming Derek was “in military on duty” and was unable to make it home until the end of February 2013. It had only been two months since Derek entered the hospital, but according to the police, Reese-McNair forged Derek’s name on the marriage license to line up her next move: power of attorney.

Soon after Derek’s admission into Mid-Jefferson Hospital, Reese-McNair presented hospital and Gulf Employees Credit Union staff with a power of attorney bearing Derek’s signature. Reese-McNair has used the document to write herself checks from Derek’s bank accounts — again, bearing her new husband’s signature — and has allegedly “cleaned them out,” according to sources familiar with the case.

The power of attorney document also bears the seemingly innocuous seal of a notary public, dated October 2012, two months before Derek’s coma. Staff at Derek’s bank and the hospital however, couldn’t have known the documents were all notarized by Jamaal Bush, Reese-McNair’s son.

“According to the Texas Secretary of State, Jamaal Bush was not commissioned as a notary public until (February 2013),” according to the probable cause affidavit, two months after Derek’s heart attack. “The power of attorney bears his stamp and signature, so it therefore could not have been completed on (October 2012), because he was not a notary public on that date. The power of attorney must have been completed sometime after and then back dated.”

With access to Derek’s entire life at her disposal, Reese-McNair didn’t stop there. According to the probable cause affidavit, Reese-McNair has filed a Quitclaim Deed and a Terms of Life Estate affidavit, both signed by Derek despite his coma, giving Reese-McNair 100 percent ownership of Derek’s home at 5530 Dellwood in Beaumont. This document is also notarized by Reese-McNair’s son Jamaal Bush, according to the date, before he was a licensed notary public.

To put the final, finishing touches on her fraud, it is alleged that Reese-McNair has begun to draw on her new husband’s life insurance policy, according to an investigative summary obtained by The Examiner.

Reese-McNair’s antics might be over for now. She was indicted by a grand jury July 18 for exploitation of a child, elderly or disabled individual — a third-degree felony — and was arrested the next day. Her bond is set at $100,000.

According to sources familiar with the case, Reese-McNair was arrested at the Derek’s Dellwood home where she now lives with Bush and her other children.

Reese-McNair is set to appear in court July 29.



The Truth will Prevail

To the Son and Family of Mr McNair Iam sorry for your Loss. Son of Mr McNair if you and dad had a relationship how is it that you didn't know of his affairs until he was admitted into the hospital? Who contacted you; that your father was Ill. What are your grandparents saying about this and other family members of Mr McNair? How is it that no one in his family had knowledge? Are you telling us he had no commucation with family. Please understand I'm not attacking anyone. Can anyone look at them selves in the Mirror and say I'm without Sin? Everyyone have at one time ask GOD to forgive them of there Sins and may be you'r still asking for forgiveness. The System will have it's Justis. (God) will one day meet us all and we will give account of our every actions.To the McNair family I pray all will be well with thee.

Addressing The Form

Alot of you think you know whats going on but you really & truely dont. When i read these post it really upsets me that you guys are more concerned about someone being reconized as a wife and this & that, not to mention saying im this and saying im that when at the end of the day your mere opinion has no value becasuse regardless of whats you say is true or not Lenora Reese committed a crime and she should be held reposible for your actions instead yall sit here and bash me and speak on what you think you know or heard and try justify for Lenora for her wrong doing as if it is ok that makes yall just as sick in the head as yours you all have a blessed day

Demitri you clearly have

Demitri you clearly have misread what everyone has been saying about this case. They are telling you that they do not approve of how she went about the situation, however a lot of people are telling you she was not a girlfriend to your father. He introduced her as his wife and based on the description of common law marriage, they had a common law marriage. Nothing in the description of common law marriage states you must inform all family members. Clearly this women would have been entitled to everything because she is his wife, and she should of gave the justice system a chance to work for her or hired a lawyer. Your story just does not sound like the whole truth. We all know the media only tells what they want to tell and never the whole truth. True journalism has gone out the window these days. We need the whole truth, your just giving us a one sided opinion expecting us to agree with you, that we should let this women rot in jail for ever.

You Was Know Where to be

You Was Know Where to be Found In The Last 6 Yr You Had No Relationship With Your Father!!! I Told Her Not To Look For You Or Contact You Do To What Type Of Relationship You And Your Father Had. But She Did It Anyway Just To Bring You Back In Your Father Life And What A Mess She Found Her Self In. You Would Have Never Known About Your Father ILLNESS Until She Contact You. But GOD Will Have The Last Word!!! lovelyt39 [at] yahoo [dot] com


I assume by the dialog you all know each other to some extent. I don't care what he called her or she called him. She was very wrong for what she and here son did and should pay for their actions because they were criminal. That's the bottom line!

Right is Right

You are correct that they should be punished for their actions. However she should be recognized as the wife of Mr McNair, may he rest in peace.

She was wrong for what she

She was wrong for what she did, but her son didn't do anything & you know this. All you want is the life insurance & the house. We all can see you don't really have your fathers best interest at heart! The real VICTIM is your FATHER because his wishes are not being carried out. You didn't even know what he wanted. Your not really carrying out his wishes! People only come around when they have MONEY TO GAIN. This is what you are doing. We can see through your BS!

some of you people are

some of you people are blinded

What you don't understand

Mrs. Lenora McNair will have to face the court for the things that she has been accused of. What you as his son fail to understand is that this was his wife to some of us here in Texas and probably has some legal standing with regards to his estate if that is proven to be a fact. The story here does not represent the whole truth as we know it. Just because you knew nothing of her and your Dad doesn't mean that the relationship not exist. You Dad helped me out when I was sick. I worked with your Dad since 2006. Your Dad became very sick once before and Lenora helped to get him back to being healthy. In my heart I can say your Dad would not want what is going on. If I didn't think so I wouldn't have said a word. When you came down here if you Didn't know about Lenora you did then. Instead of trying to work with her to take care of your Dad you struck out own your on. You may not have known about her but I am sure under the Laws of the State of Texas and in your Dad's heart that was his wife. If I didn't believe this I wouldn't write it. If I thought Lenora's intentions were bad I would be there with you. She will have to answer for anything she did wrong. I have to do what my heart tells me to do because every morning I have to get up and look myself in the mirror and I could do that if I didn't try to set some of these stories the press has put out to be more truthful.

My Question Is Simple " Just

My Question Is Simple " Just Because You Have A Marriage License, You Still Need A Official (Priest, Minister, Judge Or Justice Of The Peace, Etc.) To Make It Official. Who Signed The Marriage License ? This Women Sounds More Like "A Gold Digger " To Me.

Informal (Common Law)

Informal (Common Law) Marriage

A. Before 1989, two unmarried people could become common law husband and wife by merely agreeing to be married (which did not have to be actually stated), living together in Texas as husband and wife, and representing to others that they are married. The agreement to be married could be inferred by the other two factors. Minors could become common law married with their parents' consent.
After 1989 the rules changed somewhat. Now, two unmarried persons can either
1. Complete, sign, and record a declaration of their marriage with the County Clerk
2. Satisfy the following three-part test:
a. Agree to be married (this cannot be inferred from b. and c.);
b. Live together in Texas as husband and wife; and
c. Represent to others that they are married.

This is so sad, I know for a

This is so sad, I know for a fact that Mr McNair considered Mrs Reese-McNair to be his wife, because he introduced her to me as his wife. Mr McNair treated Mrs Reese-McNair as his wife. I wish Mrs McNair would have had faith in the system to recognize this fact, now she has gotten herself in trouble. We should not judge Mrs Reese-McNair on things that have happened in her past because God is a forgiving God. I am saddened by this all, I support Mrs Reese-McNair as Mr McNair's wife. I will however not support any illegal actions that she may have been part of in this situation. I believe that she may have taken these actions because she thought others that did not know the circumstances would not support her in getting the benefits that she deserved as Mr McNair's wife. I know that God will settle this as he is the ultimate decision maker. My prayers are with the entire family as Mr McNair was a kind gentle man.

Thank you, I know that God

Thank you, I know that God will see us thought this and the truth Will be revealed in Jesus Name

If you were his son that was

If you were his son that was down here in Beaumont I remember you as a very rude and unmannered when you visited last time. Seems to me that all you were concerned about was his money. I worked with your father everyday since he moved to Beaumont and became sick. He talked about Lenora as being his wife ever since I knew him when he arrived in Beaumont.Your father introduced Lorena to her as his wife. I too question the fact that you claim to have no knowledge of her. My next question to you as his son is about your fathers remains. Are you going to take responsibility for them and see that he has a proper burial or are you going to let the State of Texas bury him at the expense of the taxpayers?



Your wrong

You speak in CAPS, you must be angry. Since when does everyone in the family have to know your married? I heard you never came to see your father until he went into the hospital. What she did to obtain what was hers in a common law marriage was wrong, but you are just as wrong for what you have been doing since you found out about your father being in the hospital. I will be calling you.

well it seems to me that you

well it seems to me that you are clearly speaking out of pure speculation...in regards to me & my father I grew up with my father & 2 there have been occasions where i contacted my father to visit him during my off time from school or work...but yet that is non of your business, the only thing i am doing is trying to get my father business affairs back in order so if your not going to speak fact on the matter versus out of speculation then you must pardon me if i dont excuse you for your bullshit


I am the son of Derek McNair and from my studies i find everything written in this article to be very true and accurate. My father never once presented Lenora Reese as a wife. I have never heard of this woman until my father was sick recently in December of 2012

Sir, I am extremely sorry for

I am extremely sorry for your loss, however many of us that worked with Mr McNair had the honor to be introduced to Mrs Reese-McNair by your father as his wife. I really pray that you all can come together for the sake of your father, his actions demonstrated to me that he loved Mrs Reese-McNair. Be Blessed and know that both your father and God are now looking down on us all.

I was introduced to them as

I was introduced to them as Pastor McNair and her husband. Soooo yes he indeed represented her as his wife. We never knew that was not married until now. If your are Dereck's son. I strongly recommend you have the dr's double check your fathers body. I don't put anything pass this crazy woman.

Your not GOD!

You are very quick to judge Pastor Mc Nair without knowing all of the facts. You did not know Derek McNair health condition after suffering a massive heart attack, which send him into a coma. For you to say "double check the body" is very strong judgement against Pastor McNair. You are quick to throw a stone at her without examining yourself 1st.

What's the real truth?

You said you've never met her until December 2012, but Lenora's children have said they met you in 2009 when you were planning on moving in with them. You knew all about them. What's the real truth here? What do you have to gain?

there is nothing for me to

there is nothing for me to gain and i cant speak on why her children said what they said but in 2009 i was in college working and my own place so like i said i didnt know her or her family

Well a simple google of

Well a simple google of lenora Reese Denise and you will see this woman has been arrested several times. This woman is crazy. And needs to be locked up. All these years she belonged to our church as a "pastor" we never once knew that dereck and her was never married. The first day i heard this woman speak i knew she wasnt right. From the times i met Dereck he seem the complete opposite of this woman. It sickens me that this woman calls herself a woman of God. She's a fraud forged several checks well before Dereck got sick. I hope she ready for what's coming her way. Smh. Also an update on Dereck. He did pass away

The whole story is not being told.

She was more than a girl friend in the State of Texas. Mr Derek Mcnair represented her as his wife over the period of years along with herself being his wife that I knew him and her. He represented them as man and wife. He was sick before this and she took care of him and nursed him back to health.I think that they met the three prong legal test for a common law marraige. I think that some of this story is coming form a family member that has ill will towards her. I will not address all the other facts as that is for the court to to decide. I think that this article does her some misjustice.

They Sould Have Charged Her

They Sould Have Charged Her Son Also.

the son was charged also they

the son was charged also they both appear in court Monday

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