Police say gang responsible for Orange stabbing

Police say gang responsible for Orange stabbing

One man was stabbed in Orange in what could have been a gang-related attack, according to a report from the Orange Police Department.

Officer Jeffery Busby responded to a residence in the 200 block of Farragut Avenue in Orange in reference to a call regarding the stabbing at approximately 12:49 a.m. on Dec. 18. According to Busby's report, the victim told the officer he had been standing outside of his residence smoking when he was approached by two black males walking westbound from the area of 1st Street. The victim reported the men began calling him "crab," a derogatory term used by "Bloods" for members of the "Crips," a rival gang. Words were exchanged and an altercation ensued, the man reported to police. During the fight, the victim said he felt a "cold, painful sensation" and felt he was bleeding. He said he knew immediately he had been stabbed.

Officer Busby observed the victim reclining on his couch with a dark cloth covering his wound. The officer reportedly asked the victim to move the cloth so he could see the laceration, but when the cloth was removed, blood gushed from the wound causing the laceration to be hidden. Busby then took a report from the victim and from his girlfriend, who did not witness the attack but saw her boyfriend injured in the aftermath. The victim was treated by EMS and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police are searching for suspects in the aggravated assault.



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