Police arrest two for robbery at gunpoint

Artis Brown (left) and Jordy Wilson (right)

Police have arrested two men who they say robbed a small grocer Monday evening, Aug. 26. 

According to a BPD press release, officers responded to Mike's Drive-In at 680 Buford about 4:11 p.m. Monday night to find the clerk who told police he had just been robbed at gunpoint. 

The clerk told police one man took the money from the register and fled west on Buford. Minutes later, police would catch up to two men they would later identify as 21-year-old Artis Brown and 23-year-old Jordy Wilson, who were both implicated in the robbery by evidence found by police K-9 units, according to the press release. 

Detectives have charged both men with aggravated robbery, and their bond is set at $75,000.



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