PAHA considers additional security after recent violence

PAHA considers additional security after recent violence

According to a press release from the Port Arthur Housing Authority (PAHA), the agency is “deeply concerned” regarding violence in the Prince Hall Village neighborhood on W. 14th St. in Port Arthur. PAHA released the statement and indicated they would take measures to combat the issue at their next meeting citing a “heightened security risk” to tenants in the housing authority’s system due to the close proximity of the problem property as a reason to increase policing at nearby PAHA-run properties. .

Port Arthur Mayor Deloris “Bobbie” Prince recently held a press conference on April 9 addressing recent violence in Port Arthur, specifically around Prince Hall. In response to Prince’s concerns and the concerns expressed by the community of Port Arthur, PAHA will consider adding more police patrols at their next meeting on April 22.

“Although the Prince Hall Apartments are not owned or managed by the Housing Authority and while there are no PAHA Section 8 residents at Prince Hall, the Housing Authority is deeply concerned the violence at Prince Hall… The PAHA is committed to our residents and strives to provide a safe environment for our families. The recent violence poses a heightened security risk for our tenants, which has caused the PAHA to re-evaluate the security measures… It is the Housing Authority’s intention to take swift action for additional security measures and keep the public informed accordingly.”



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