Orange police arrest former Econo Lodge manager

Iqbal Patel

Police in Orange have again arrested former Econo Lodge manager Iqbal Patel on a warrant resulting from his previous arrest for possession of a controlled substance while working in his capacity as manager at the hotel.

While on duty, OPD Sergeant J.C. Steele reported seeing Patel, who had an outstanding arrest warrant, driving a silver Toyota car in the area of Eighth Street and Main streets in Orange at about 6:20 p.m. on Sept. 9. Steele initiated a traffic stop and arrested Patel for warrant No. 18599 for Delivery of a Controlled Substance JP1-No Bond.

According to a news release from OPD issued in July, police arrested 54-year-old Iqdal Ibrahim Patel for possession of a controlled substance Friday, July 19. The news release indicated the arrest came after a lengthy investigation into complaints of drug activity at the Econo Lodge hotel at 2900 Interstate 10 in Orange where Patel was the manager.

Officers reportedly seized more than 250 pills identified as Soma muscle relaxers and hydrocodone narcotic pain relievers while executing a narcotics warrant issued after numerous complaints led to the investigation. Patel was in custody at the Orange County Correctional Facility.



Hotel Manager Arrested Again !!!!!!

Whatever happen to putting a mint or chocolate candy on your pillow ? But with all the escorts aka hookers & crackheads staying there. I guess he open his own little 7-Eleven store at the front desk. " Donuts, Muffins, Coffee, Drugs & Condoms On The Breakfast Bar ". Yeah Right !!!!

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