OC nixes outdoor burning

OC nixes outdoor burning

Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux flexed his judicial muscle to order an emergency burn ban for all of Orange County on Monday, April 18. The ban will be in effect for seven days, and county commissioners will have an opportunity to keep the ban in effect during the entity's next scheduled meeting.

Thibodeaux said he rarely uses his position to make decisions on his own, however after members of the Vidor area fire departments asked him to make the emergency ruling, he felt the need to do so. According to the judge, several fires in and around Vidor have had the opportunity to be worse than what they were, and although the county isn't in the "extreme" drought phase yet, he would rather err on the side of caution.

"It's better to be safe than sorry," Thibodeaux said."There's no need to wait until something really bad happens to make a move."



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