No escape: man with history of evasion attempts to flee from police again

No escape: man with history of evasion attempts to flee from police again

Police arrested a man in Orange on Sunday, Dec. 15, after the man, who reportedly has a history of evasion, attempted to flee while being questioned by an Orange Police officer.

At approximately 10:55 p.m. Sunday night, OPD Officer Patrick McDonald was on patrol in the 2200 block of Cross Lane in Orange. McDonald reported observing a vehicle stopped first in the roadway and then in the driveway of a residence on Cross Lane. Two men were sitting inside. The officer approached the vehicle and spoke to the men. One of them told the officer he lived at the residence. While speaking with the first man, the officer reportedly saw the second man reach inside his right front pocket. McDonald ordered the man to keep his hands visible, at which point he said the man began to argue and exit the vehicle. The man then fled on-foot from the scene. McDonald pursued the suspect and deployed his Taser but missed the mark. The suspect continued to flee, and McDonald eventually caught up with the man, later identified as 31-year-old Albert Jermal Leblanc of Orange, forcing him to the ground. Leblanc reportedly had two warrants, one of which was for evading in a motor vehicle. He was arrested and taken into custody for the warrants, for evading by foot, and for possession of marijuana. He was transported to the Orange County Jail. 



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