Naked break-in lands man in jail

Kendrick Johnson

Police say a naked man high on PCP broke into a family member’s home Thursday morning, May 9. 

At about 4 a.m., the Beaumont Police Department responded to a 911 hang up from a pay phone near the 4000 block of Park. Soon after, officers said they saw Kendrick Johnson, 32, of Beaumont, running in the nude to a nearby residence where he began to break out the windows. 

Police said the naked Kendrick got into the residence where a family member lived, and that family memeber was able to run outside before officers swarmed the house. 

Kendrick was taken to the hospital where he was later released into police custody and booked into of the Jefferson County Jail on charges of criminal trespassing. 



Naked Break-In Lands Man Into Jail

Seriously, A Man Breaks Into House and He is only charged with a Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass Charge ? The excuse was well " He was Naked & High on PCP ". What its only if you break into a house with your clothes on you're gonna go to jail for a Felony Burglary ????

Naked Man Breaks Into House

" Only In Southeast Texas ". I Don't Care If You're Naked & High Or Fully Clothed And Sober. If You Break Into A Residence It's A Burglary Of A Habitation. don't Give Any Of Those Drug Head Thieves The Excuse "Hey, I Was High". If Someone Breaks Into My House. "They Are Gonna Be Loaded With Lead & It Might Be A Little Bit Warm". When The Officer's Ask Me Why I Shot All My Bullets, I Am Gonna Say "Ma Shay Because I Was High On Life And That's All The Bullets I Had, But Give Me A Minute & I Can Go Buy Sum Mo " .

Naked Man Breaks Into A House

Maybe It's Just Me, But That Should Be A Burglary Of A Habitation Not Criminal Trespass. I Guess Since He Was High on "PCP" & It Was A Family Members House It's Ok ? "At Least He Is Off The Streets For Now Right " ??????????

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