Medical Society calls for resignations at BISD

Medical Society calls for resignations at BISD



“At this time we have lost faith and trust in the current BISD leadership,” the Jefferson County Medical Society announced April 2, in a press release that also calls for the resignation of the Beaumont Independent School District Board of Trustees and Superintendent Timothy Chargois. "We understand that some may consider this strong medicine or radical treatment, but the current state of BISD and its poor prognosis, demand a thoughtful, compassionate and meaningful treatment plan—stat!”

The announcement was penned by Jefferson County Medical Society President Garrett K. Peel, MD, MHS; with member names including Benjamin Beckert, MD;
Robert B. Berndt, MD; Gerald R. Callas, MD; William O'Mara, MD;
Jeremy Roebuck, MD; and
David Teuscher, MD represented as well.


The announcement in it’s entirely is attached at the linked PDF.




I just want CHAG to resign. In my opinion, he does not have any interest in our children.

Too little too late

Where were all these groups for the last several years? Why weren't they screaming and making headlines asking for Dr. Thomas, Dr. Chargois, etc. resignations before now? They should have been asking for accountability back when Walker admitted he bilked the district for millions! Millions that could have been spent in the classroom! They only appeared and made statements after it was known the TEA was coming in to take over. They didn't have the gumption to stand up then, so I take no stock in their little PR fluff pieces now. Stand for what's right all the time or just keep sitting down on the sidelines.

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