McLeods fight effort to move alert-dog suit

McLeods fight effort to move alert-dog suit

A little more than one month after Ryan and Tara McLeod filed a lawsuit against Dan Warren and his diabetic alert dog company Guardian Angel Service Dogs, Warren has hired a local attorney in Beaumont and filed a motion in Jefferson County to have the lawsuit either dismissed or moved to Virginia, where Warren runs his companies.
Ryan and Tara have been squabbling with Warren and his Guardian Angel Service Dogs for nearly three months after Warren, through his lawyer, demanded money made in a February fundraiser for one of Warren’s diabetic alert dogs. The price tag for the dog was $20,000. Once Warren found out that the McLeod’s fundraiser brought in much more money than the $20,000 they paid for the dog – somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000 – he told the McLeods he was “owed” all the rasied money because he alleged they had used his company’s tax ID when promoting the event.

The McLeods’ 3-year-old son, Racer, suffers from juvenile diabetes. The dog is supposed to alert when it senses a drop in blood sugar, but the McLeods say their dog Gunner, despite the $20,000 price tag, still can’t fully alert them to changes in Racer’s condition.

Matt Morgan, one of the lead attorneys working for the McLeods, said the family never used Warren’s tax ID number for any purpose and after receiving a dog that didn’t alert the way Warren guaranteed it would, they simply want to end their relationship with Warren and his company.

“There’s nothing in the McLeods’ contract with Guardian Angel Service Dogs that stipulates any excess funds from the fundraiser are owed to Dan Warren,” said Morgan. He added he finds it amusing that Warren, who was given a 35-year prison sentence for running a fraudulent scheme while working as a finance manager at a car lot in 2007 that was commuted to probation, would want the lawsuit the McLeods filed in Texas moved to Virginia so that Virginia law would control the matter.

“These are the same laws he’s been proven not to care about,” said Morgan.

No court date has yet been set in Jefferson County to determine what will become of Warren’s motion. Warren is being represented locally by Patricia Chamberlain of Mahaffey Weber.

The McLeods are exhausted by how things have proceeded in the last month and have been inundated with calls from other parents and family members who have gone through Warren’s company only to get dogs that aren’t as well-trained as Warren insisted they would be, or families that are concerned about buying a dog from Warren.
Ryan McLeod said a family in New York that he’d been talking with suggested that Warren might try to come and take his dog, but he doesn’t think that would be a good idea. “He doesn’t want to show up at my house,” Ryan said.

While the McLeods wait for a court date, they both stay busy to keep their minds off what has been a tumultuous few months. Tara will soon participate in a walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Ryan is helping with a local 9-year-old’s fundraiser for an epileptic seizure alert dog.

“We’ll be doing our homework after my family’s experience,” Ryan said. And of course they continue to take care of Racer and his twin brother, Rider.

As for the ideal outcome for everyone involved, Morgan, who has worked diligently on the case, said he’d like to see the judge look at the facts and see that the McLeods don’t owe any more money to Warren or Guardian Angel.

“He’s trying to hide behind a contract that he forces all his clients to sign, yet what he’s claiming is nowhere in the contract,” Morgan said.




So this creep's father is a judge in VA? Now I see how he got 35 years suspended to probation. I was about to write a check last night but after reading over the material he sent me, I got a bad feeling and went looking. I found out what a creep he is, a liar and a convicted fraudulent person. Just terrible that he preys on vulnerable people and get away with it. All I can say is that Karma is a bitch and he will get his some day.

Sooner or later this guy is going to kill someone's kid!

The real problem is not his business practices or his contract, or the fact that he scams people out of $20,000 for a pet that is probably not worth $1,000. The problem is with the fact that he is putting sick childrens' lives in danger by convincing parents to rely on an untrained baby puppy that could not possibly be a reliable alert animal at that age. If he is allowed to continue, sooner or later someone's child is going to die because they naively relied on one of his dogs.

As for the parents, I am honestly appalled at their willing naivete. How can anyone seriously believe that a baby puppy can be a fully-trained service dog of any kind, let alone an alert dog you can depend upon to protect your child's life? And doesn't anyone do any research at all before investing $20,000 in anything, let alone something they are going to trust with their child's life and safety?! I do more research before buying a toaster than these unfortunate people seem to have done.

Kudos to all who have come to understand reality, and have the courage to stand up against this guy. You may save the life of someone's child by helping to put him out of business.


no families here to back him up anymore. I hope this man gets what he deserves and he has to pay back the families who have received in adequate "service dogs"


Let's hope he doesn't kill anyone's child in the meantime.

The Warren Retriever and DAD Scam

I have been closely following this man's public deception of his businesses and his sales/marketing practices for several years.

This man must somehow be stopped before his scam selling puppies as Service Dogs to desperate families with insulin dependent children KILLS one of these little ones.

Warren's record (legal) speaks for itself as far as his criminal history and ethics are involved: irresponsible, wreckless, greed.

The truth about this company

As a former family, I can only stress that everyone ask for a contract before signing up. Seriously. When this company feeds you the story about 20k dollars covering the cost of training and a dog, it is a load of garbage. Let me fill you in on what really happens, or shall I say what is in writing.
So lets say you have just handed over 20k dollars, and now your dog is being delivered, you are handed a wonderful loooong contract. You get to review it, but for what, if you dont sign you dont get your dog, oh and you dont get your money back. Remember, he is a 501 c 3 so you dont get donations back. However the contract calls you a buyer so there is a clause in there where you can get a certain amount of money back, but that is after two years, and by then you have no money left to get back.
Oh thats right, because your contract says that your 20k covers a 6k dollar dog, and 14 k dollars for 90 hours of training, if you live within six hours of VA. Cause anything outside of that you will be billed for. This is why you get 250 dollars for every referral. Well actually you get 250 dollars to be applied towards the cost of additional training. You know, that extra training after you use up your 90 hours and the extra airfare to get to you. So what does $20,000 cover.
6k for a dog
14k for travel within 6 hours
90 hours of training.
Did I mention that in order for your dog to be considered a well trained service dog the ADI says that a dog should have between 180-360 hours of training. How much is that gonna cost you.

OH YEAH, DONT FORGET, the contract says that for any reason they can take your dog back and that ownership always reverts back to the company. And when you get insurance on your dog, guess who has to be the beneficiary. You got it, not you.
Did I mention your not supposed to run or jump your dog before it is 1 years old. And you have to pay 125.00 for a microchip that only says your the holder of the dog. Umm I paid 40 for my dogs chip, and I OWN him. Oh dont forget all the specialists and the geneticist you have to take your dog to. Yes per the contract you have to.

Now you know why you cant see a contract. But if all of this is ok with you, then by all means, go for it. It may work for some people.

I can't decide

Is that called a Ponzi Scheme or a Pyramid Scheme? Either way much smarter crooks are doing time. Maybe Ole Bernie and him will get to be roomies . Of course what he is doing to these little kids , their parents and the kindhearts of those who have donated (including charities) is financial and emotional molestation.
There is a special place in Hel for people like him. Selling promises and dreams on the backs of 10week old puppies worth 2k not 20k. And then creating a cult . Shame on you Warren. We will take you down!!!


Thank you, Melinda for speaking the truth about this company. I seem to remember that you were one of his "followers" and I'm sorry that something must have happened for you to see through his scam. Good for you and good for the McLeods. Not many people have the courage to admit they fell for this. Not to mention he is a bad man he also has the worst business practices known to man. Possibly he learned them from his former boss who he says he took the rap for! Sorry, but it's hard to believe someone would risk 45 years of their life to take the rap for someone they had worked for such a short amount of time. Maybe they were related,too. Seems like there is a lot of funny business in the Richmond area and maybe that's why this man has the idea he can treat people with sick children the way he does. He needs to be shut down...sooner, not later.

I was definitely on of his

I was definitely on of his "followers" but I hate to think of all the stuff I did and said in defense of him. I can only hope more families take the time to read a contract. But his time will come. You can believe that. This is what needed to happen. I drank the kool-aid and good thing I threw it up before it poisoned me completely. See no one ever comes forward because they always get cease and desist letters. Fortunately for me, he can't serve me one. Because I speak the truth so I am protected. You have seen so many people post stuff over this past year about this company and then suddenly nothing. People are afraid. They are afraid of the threats and the slander that they would receive. They see what the Mcleods go through and say "I'm glad its not me." I only hope that this gives more people the courage to come forward. Especially the unhappy dog owners. The ones who have a dog and signed this contract and feel they are stuck. They need to know there is always a way out. And now there is someone willing to stand behind them, and that it's not only me, but other people who stand behind them. They just have to be willing to take that first step. The Mcleods stood up and yeah they got publicly bashed, but you know what, I believe they have more supporters than bashers. I just wish I would have known this sooner before handing over money to a company that has no positive proven track record. Next time, no more taking the word of supporters. From here on out it all has to be on paper for me, and I hope others follow this same thing

Yay Melinda!

Good for you for vomiting up that kool-aid!! And it's such a freaking scam!! I hope more people get off the kool-aid and get their heads together! Kudos to you Melinda!!


You see, this is why people should ask for a contract and then have a lawyer read it before you sign. It is sad for the Mcleods cause in the contract this company makes ppl sign it says that the venue has to be in virginia. Stop handing over money until you see a contract

They refuse to show you a

They refuse to show you a contract until the day they are delivering the pup. At that point your child is squealing with delight, you are enamored but this little ball of fur and the contract is so much double talk you just sign it.

what happens if you dont sign

Yes and by this time what happens? Well if you dont sign it your out all the money you gave this swindler and no dog. So you really have no choice. Someone needs to take the dog and the contract, lock him out your damn house and dare him to take your dog for not signing the contract. See how fast he threatens you. My answer would be Kiss my ***. But ppl are so scared of this man, for what he is a swindler, wake up people!

Warren is trying to make this a biased case.

Dan Warren's father is a judge in the county that he wants this case moved to. He probably thinks one of his father's judge friends will help him out. I think that's illegal.

Family Judge

Of course he wants it moved to Virginia. It always helps to have a family member who's a Judge in Virginia. How else do you get a 35 yr prison sentence reduced to probation.


They say you can't teach a old dog new tricks!! Nor can you a puppy that needs to be trained in a manner different of most dogs at such a young age. Most dogs like the one you can ruff up and play with pet,hug at any time...(while there sleeping)...In order for a Alert dog to stay alert it can only get treats or affection when it has done well or it will not respond like it needs to. So to put a untrained young dog into a already stressed family at this time what difficult for everyone but Gunner because he know he will always be loved...

I wish there was a LIKE!!!!! button..

My son is the boy that Ryan

My son is the boy that Ryan is helping and he is 13 not 9 yrs old.

Why doesn't this Warren guy

Why doesn't this Warren guy just agree to this more than reasonable request and let this poor family get on with their lives?

Because then the truth will come out

If Warren agrees than all the other families who want out will do the same. He needs this win in order to stay afloat. Too many families want out and from what I hear several of his future families just dropped him. If the Mcleods win, then the truth will be exposed and many other people will come forward

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