Man dead after property dispute in Lumberton

Hardin County shield

A Lumberton man was shot and killed Saturday, Aug. 24, following what Hardin County Sheriff's Office is calling a dispute with a Coleman Road homeowner over property that he was given permission to hunt on. The area, located near the Neches River, is secluded and usually accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles and ATVs, the sheriff's office said in a press release.

"The property owner was allowing (58-year-old Mark Curran Neff) access to the property in exchange for overseeing it," said HCSO Captain Gary Spears. "The property is adjoined with the shooter's residence. There was a general dispute as to who had rights to go where on that property"

Spears said it was an unofficial arrangement between the property owner and Neff that he could use the property to hunt if he kept an eye on the place and watched over the property.

That dispute led to an apparent gunfight between Neff and the shooter, Spears said. Saturday night around 7:18 p.m., Hardin County deputies and investigators were called out to a residence on Coleman Road off Wingfield Drive near Lumberton where they found Neff deceased, apparently from gunshot wounds. Three firearms were recovered at the scene, and deputies located spent shell casings from three weapons. According to the press release, the people at the scene stated that Neff and the homeowner had gotten into a physical altercation when firearms were produced from both sides and multiple shots were fired.

"The problems stem at least  in part from a property dispute," HCSO Captain Gary Spears said. "There had been previous problems between the two, but I’m not aware of any physical violence . There has been no arrest at this time."

Spears said that the shooter claimed he shot Neff in self-defense.

"The shooter is claiming that it was in defense of him and his family. There were firearms on both sides," Spears said. "We're trying to figure out who brought what to the party. We found shell casings from both sides. We are trying to verify Neff fired at the shooter."

The case is still under investigation, Spears said. An autopsy was performed Monday, Aug. 26, at the Jefferson County Morgue, and evidence will be submitted to the crime lab for analysis, according to an HCSO press release.




What the article fails to mention is Mark Neff and "unnamed property owner" (which should be reported along with the name of Mr. Neff) were having the dispute when the wife of the property owner came outside and fired off shots as a "warning." Then Neff pulled out his own gun and fired at the direction in which the shots rang. Then the husband SUBDUED Neff when the wife came outside to her husbands aid. The property owner shouted "SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD" repeatedly and wife could not bring herself to do it. Instead, she wailed her gun across the head of Mr. Neff and he was knocked down. The property owner then strattled Mr. Neff while he was face down and removed the threat of Neff's gun, firing not 1, but 2 shots into Mr. Neff's back with a 3rd gun. This property owner was ex-military. He doubled the size of a small Mr. Neff, and he MURDERED him. Why didnt the wife call 911? Why didnt they detain him while he was subdued until law enforcement arrived???? There is a difference between that of a killing and a MURDER. An arrest has not been made, and the investigation has been closed as to my knowledge at this time. Can someone explainto me how this is justice? I am not here to defend the actions of Mr. Neff, but I am here to question the justice of the outcome. Someone owes the family an explaination.

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