Man arrested for meth possession in Orange

Man arrested for meth possession in Orange

A man in Orange was arrested for possession of a controlled substance after being reported as suspicious for running between hotels while wearing a "LCM girl's track hoodie," police reported.

According to a police report from the Orange Police Department, dispatch received a call regarding the suspicious person seen running between hotels near the Waffle House in the 4200 block of 27th Street in Orange. Officer Jeffery Busby reported that when he arrived, he found the man leaning against a trash receptacle at the Texas Inn & Suites hotel. Busby stated in the report that the man appeared "weary" and had "red, glassy, bloodshot eyes."

Upon searching the suspect, police discovered more than one gram of what they believed to be and what the suspect identified as methamphetamine, or crystal meth, in a cell phone case along with another unknown substance the suspect indicated was to be "mixed" with the crystal meth. Officers arrested 24-year-old Karry Burns of Orange for possession of a controlled substance and transported him to the Orange County Jail for booking.



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