Is Lambert next?

Patricia Lambert

After The Examiner first detailed the inconsistencies between BISD assistant super­intendent of secondary educa­tion Patricia Adams Collins Lambert’s actual educational pedigree and what is touted as her “Harvard-trained, highly-functional, extremely-gifted educator” background, the Beaumont Independent School District released the publicly available contents of Lam­bert’s personnel file pursuant to a Public Information Request. Despite claims of Harvard certification and an administration degree from Loyola produced by Beau­mont Independent School Dis­trict Communication Director Jessie Haynes in an official school district administration guide and a glowing presenta­tion by Superintendent Dr. Timothy Chargois (quoted above) in a public meeting of the BISD Board of Trustees, no evidence of such educational back­ground exists in the employee’s file.

What can be found in Lambert’s person­nel file, in lieu of the above-noted degrees, is a signed statement from Lambert declar­ing herself free from any felony conviction or guilty plea for crimes involving moral turpi­tude despite information read­ily available from the New Orleans District Attorney’s Office confirming Lambert pleaded guilty to multiple counts of extorting public funds just months prior to her assertion of no prior criminal convictions. Additional infor­mation gleaned from Lam­bert’s BISD personnel file also shows an attempt to distance the new employee from the name under which she received her New Orleans conviction – Patricia Collins. Then-superin­tendent Carrol Thomas pro­moted her to administration the first day Lambert was add­ed to BISD’s payroll although the governing board of trust­ees only approved the new hire as a rank-and-file elementary teacher the night before.

It has also been dis­covered that a vendor receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars paid for by BISD tax­payers was diverted to the account of the BISD official’s grown son. Additional money to pay Lambert’s son comes from the students Lam­bert is commissioned to assist on their journey through high school, with the administrator charging the students exorbi­tant fees for her son’s “print­ing” work.

While not the target of the recent FBI investigation, according to BISD superinten­dent Timothy Chargois, Lam­bert is named in multiple com­plaints being reviewed at length by the Texas Education Agency.



The unaffordable uncaring act

The unaffordable uncaring act is as well understand as lambert being hired as well as her still being employed. She and chargois need to GO GO GO.

This was sent in reply to

This was sent in reply to Insurance.

What Are Grounds for Firing Without Management Complicity?

I am retired after a long career in business, most of it as an executive with a major corporation. Falsifying an application, especially with lies about educational attainment and past criminal history, were grounds for immediate discharge. I personally discharged a manager for this. If the BISD Superintendent won't fire her, especially after sneaking her hiring past the board under false pretenses and promoting her from elementary teacher to one of the top administrative jobs in the district a day later, WHY NOT? That is about the most important question I can think of in all of this.

Falsifying an Application

I agree. It is standard industry practice that falsifying an application is grounds for immediate termination.

I further question the background checking process that BISD employees. Were references checked?

What credentials are required for these positions. I would like to see the Job Descriptions and the level of education and years of experience required to be considered in the interview process. For someone at the level of Comptroller or Director of Finance, you would typically request a CPA with at least 8-10 years experience. I'd like to see the resumes for the people in these positions. Were they falsified as well?

Were references checked?

In my humble opinion, that's why the Superintendent submitted her to the board for hiring as an elementary school teacher and then promoted her to a top administrative position a day later. Maybe there is less scrutiny, warranted or not, of elementary school teaching positions than of the position to which she was immediately promoted.

Sounds like . . . Looks like . . . RICO

The entire BISD saga still appears as though it began with Carrol Thomas . . . hiring/staffing and surrounding himself with only those individuals who would be ever loyal and beholden . . . . because of their character . . . and their past.

Considering all the funds in question . . . all the individuals involved . . . and all the questionable and nefarious activities that have continually taken place over the last many years, surely all the pieces can be put together to make a decent case that can be considered under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act . . . also known as RICO. And, if not, why not?

Bond Funds

I would venture to guess that if a thorough examination of records is performed dating back to the passing of the bond, multiple discrepancies and inconsistencies would be found in the use of the bond funds. Lack of proper approval for expenditures, failure to follow proper purchasing policies and procedures, and general lack of internal controls over disbursements.

That is certainly a good

That is certainly a good question! There are many of us who are still trying to figure out how this woman continues to be employed by BISD. But I keep hearing that NOTHING is going to happen to her. She is a common denominator is so much of what is going wrong in this district.

BISD Please Pay me and Set our Children Free

My name is Christopher Jones. I was employed by Beaumont ISD from August 2010 until September 30, 2013.
I have had problems ever since I ran into Patricia Collins Lambert's nephew Mark Steward who is an assistant principal at Central MMHS in 2010.
Recently, 2013:
I was supposed to be paid a salary up to September 30, 2013, and in fact on October 25, 2013 Beaumont ISD direct deposited $1323.77 into my checking account, but by that Sunday evening the 27, BISD had rescinded that amount from my checking account even after I made 5 withdrawals from that account over the weekend. They stole that money right out of my account.
They did not notify me that they were going to rescind the salary, the money was just removed. This caused a default in my account with overdraft fees of $150.00.
My attorney contacted BISD on October 29, and the BISD attorney told her that they thought they had sent a paper check at the same time as the direct deposit, a lie, and that I should receive the paper check soon in USPS mail.
I have not received the check yet. My attorney was also promised that the district would reimburse me for the $150.00 in overdraft fees since it was their mistake.
If they had notified me that they were going to suddenly withdraw the money, I would not have used that account, or I would have deposited extra money from another account to cover the withdrawals that I was going to make. This business was unprofessional and unfair to me.
At this date and time, BISD has still not paid me the salary check for $1323.77 which they owe me from September 30, 2013. I believe that it is illegal to withhold pay from a State employee like this.
I have returned all State property, and they have not requested anything else of me verbally or in writing.
I want my last paycheck so that we can move on to the other business that we are considering.
Dr. Chargois made a statement the other day, “Payroll procedures, vendor contracts, insurance payments and all of the aspects of the financial operations will proceed, as normal, and will not be impacted through this issue.”
If payroll procedures are still in effect, please honor what you stated, and pay me what you owe me, or at least send me a letter explaining your reasoning for taking so long to do so? Human resources and payroll have my address.
My attorney has tried to reason with the BISD attorney, but nothing has worked, and I need money to live on and to purchase COBRA insurance before I am fined by Obamacare for not having insurance.
Thank you,
Chris Jones
Citizen of Beaumont, Texas.


I wish you luck in your effort to reclaim your pay from BISD, and I'd like to offer some clarification for your concerns about health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act will not fine you for not having insurance if you are insured by March 2014. If you are still uninsured after March 2014, you would be exempt from the mandate/fines if the cost of insurance exceeds a certain percentage of your household income.

Also, regardless of whether you will be eligible for the premium-reduction subsidies or not (household income between 1x-4x of Federal Poverty Level), even the unsubsidized full-price plans on the marketplace will very likely be more affordable for you than the price of COBRA.

Thank you Anonymous

I appreciate the information Anonymous. This whole Obamacare stuff is so confusing. I'm glad that someone understands it.

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