Lambert, Comeaux and Haynes demoted

Lambert, Comeaux and Haynes demoted

Six months after learning via a Texas Legislative Budget Board review that his executive cabinet was staffed with woefully inept or untrained personnel he had personally handpicked for the positions, Beaumont Independent School District Superintendent Timothy Chargois has announced that he has made changes to the official titles given to his closest consorts. 

While making it clear that none of his top administrators would receive a pay cut commensurate with their new positions, three former members of the BISD executive cabinet will be assigned new position titles.

Reassigned administrators include Patricia Adams Collins Lambert, a convicted extortionist turned BISD assistant superintendent for Secondary Administration and Curriculum who will now be called the executive director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development; Executive Director of Human Resources Sybil Comeaux will no longer head a cabinet crew but will be expected to answer to any new comptroller hired by the district; and Special Assistant to the Superintendent Jessie Haynes will take on the shorter title of communications director and be removed from the district’s executive cabinet.

Those keeping posts on the executive cabinet are Deputy Superintendent Shirley Bonton, who will no longer serve as the assistant superintendent for Finance and Elementary Administration; Chief Academic Officer Dwaine Augustine, who previously served as the assistant superintendent for Testing and Technology; and former Assistant Superintendent for Administration Philip Brooks, who is now assigned the title of chief operations officer.

Superintendent Chargois said that although he restructured the organizational chart of command at BISD to take effect on Feb. 18, he was confident in the skills of the administrators who were reassigned to lower-ranking positions. Demoted Human Resource director Comeaux was in attendance during the Feb. 17 public meeting wherein Chargois announced the changes. Special Assistant Haynes has been on paid assault leave since August and was not in attendance, and former Assistant Superintendent Lambert was also absent from the reorganization meeting, supposedly ill, although she has received pay to attend an out-of-area conference.

“Hopefully today you see a path forward,” Chargois said at the cabinet reorganization announcement. “I’m very excited about moving forward.”



One day Chargois will wake up

One day Chargois will wake up and realize that it's the people closest to him bringing him down. He's taking some bad advice.

Possible vs Believable and UNbelievable

Having a burning desire for BISD to strive for and earn the enviable status of being exemplary or one to the top 10 in the nation may be 'possible' . . . but not quite 'believable' when Chargois plays a personnel shell game.

KUDOS to Ricky Jason for having the courage and conviction to call out 'the UNbelievable' before Chargois and the BISD board members during the BISD meeting of February 20th.

Of Course Their Pay Wasn't Cut

Guess Lambert will have to be led from a courtroom in an orange jumpsuit and cuffs to stop collecting on the sweet deal Chargois gave her. Beaumont has the schools it deserves as long as it continues to put up with this superintendent and his incompetent cronies and their often illegal actions.

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