Finance consultant on European vacation as school district addresses fiscal woes

Finance consultant on European vacation as school district addresses fiscal woes
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A list of all the proposed RIF positions, as well as a current list of BISD central administration office employees and their salaries, can be found in the attached gallery. ***

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent with Beaumont Independent School District financial consultant WCL Enterprises, headed by William Lenhart, but with an annual budget due and hundreds of job cuts pending, the finance guru has elected to take off the next six weeks for a European vacation. BISD administrative assistants tell The Examiner that no one is in the office in his place, and no one is expected for the next several weeks.

Georgetown ISD Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Karen Dooley, who was recruited by Lenhart to assist BISD with its pending Reduction in Force (RIF), said she is not in town, either, instead working at her own school district throughout the workweek and attending to BISD matters on the weekend.

“I took personal time to be there last week, but I’m back at my job working now,” Dooley said in a phone interview Wednesday, June 11. “I’m not sure how much time I will be spending there (in Beaumont). I’ve got a job to do here.”

Dooley’s job in Beaumont required her to accumulate a list of expendable educators who would be dropped from the BISD payroll for the coming 2014-15 school year.

“Mr. Lenhart asked me to come and assist because I have no connection to anyone or anything in Beaumont,” Dooley said of her work at BISD. “I think everybody is scrutinizing everybody and everything there, and they needed someone from the outside to do this.

“You’ve got a district in crisis, and you have a lot of concerned community members – and rightfully so.”

Wednesday, June 11, it was also revealed that Dooley is not the only WCL employee to come up with a list of expendable personnel. According to an e-mail sent by Texas Education Agency monitor/conservator Fred Shafer to BISD Superintendent Timothy Chargois and the Board of Trustees, Lenhart compiled a list of BISD central office administrators who should be part of the RIF – although it was a list that Chargois failed to share with the governing Board of Trustees.

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So they are proposing cutting

So they are proposing cutting 13 math teachers in the three high schools, while LIT (and probably Lamar and all the Lamar campuses) are having to add more and more developmental math classes every year. All of those involved in ripping off the district in any way should be deeply, deeply ashamed.

So, Why Should Anyone Pursue Due Diligence ?

So, who can afford to take a vacation overseas that would last a lot longer than two weeks? Otherwise, has anyone within BISD (starting with Chargois and including the board of trustees) ever pursued due diligence by reviewing the available data and information about independent school districts on the TEA website? . . . including all sorts of basic ratios . . . whether student/teacher ratios, teacher/administration ratios or teacher/auxiliary staff ratios. Whereas, other websites (including the Friedman Foundation) provide insights, studies and/or opinions specifically about 'education' . . . including basic, fundamental operations of a school district.

The BISD players (starting with Chargois and including the board of trustees) appear to never have pursued due diligence . . . which is rather ironic when truly understanding that education is for life . . . forever.

Also wonder why anyone would be on an untimely, extended vacation if there are no more skeletons in the closets of BISD . . . Or, whether they will return without a written invitation. . . . Or, whether it is 'THE SIGN' that TEA is on its way in while persons (both known and unknown) are on the way out.

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