Fight over BISD voting map continues

Fight over BISD voting map continues

Petitioners have been allowed to intervene in a lawsuit that argues over whether the next Beaumont Independent School District Board of Trustees election will be comprised of a voting map that calls for seven single member districts (7/0) or whether a voter referendum instituting five single member districts with two at-large districts (5/2) will be put forth.

Wednesday, June 11, federal judge Ron Clark signed an order allowing petitioners Donna Forgas, Marcelino Rodriguez and Linda Gilmore to intervene in the court proceedings, ruling that the claimants “have timely filed a request to intervene, have an interest in the outcome of this case which may be impeded by the disposition of this case, and that the interveners’’ interests are not adequately represented by the existing parties of this suit.”

According to Clark’s ruling, no objection was made by either side represented in the original lawsuit. The initial action was brought by several Beaumont residents including Gary Cantue and Alice Ramsey against the Beaumont Independent School District. Cantue and his plaintiff cohort are accusing BISD of disenfranchising them as voters by agreeing to institute the voter-approved change in districting maps to represent a 5/2 plan.

The next election scheduled for BISD will be in May 2015.


— Jennifer Johnson




Once again. You are wrong.

This lawsuit in the Galveston Federal Court is about an ELECTION SCHEME. The 5-2 plan, five single district two at-large seats and the 7-0 plan, seven single district seats.

The BISD Board of Trustees has passed a MAP for each election scheme plan.

How hard is that to understand?


The future of the path that Beaumont being forced upon by the thugocracy is very much a New Orleans Detroit LaMarque model where the welfare state, corruption, and an inept education system prevails. It is a non competitive system that is part of the failed 60's social engineering experiment. The steps after these are more similar to Chad and Sudan than any American city.

What IS Their Future Vision . . . really

Just wonder what the realistic, future vision of Beaumont is by those who support the majority of the current BISD board . . . really. Will the community have a quick, humanitarian end . . . or, will it be a slow, tortuous demise. And, if the desire is not to emulate Port Arthur, Detroit or Hempstead, then what businesses and amenities are there to be?

Could subsidize or pay for a professional, 3rd party analysis in order to project the likely future path of a struggling community. But, it would be more humane to let the natural forces dictate a peaceful path. . . allowing the community to become that quaint community on the side of Interstate 10 that some may just have to slow down and stop for gas. . . . preferably during the daylight hours.

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