ELECTION RESULTS: BISD, Beaumont City Council races

ELECTION RESULTS: BISD, Beaumont City Council races


Becky Ames - 15,589

Christopher Jones - 2,682


Get Williams-Wright - 8,903

W.L. Pate - 8,422

Rhonda Ruben - 3,063

Nathan Cross - 7,075


Brittany Beverly - 755

Kimberly Kumar - 808

Alan Coleman - 3,439


Tawana Walter-Cadien - 1,273

Douglas Conner - 1,347

Mike Getz - 4,483


Evelyn Fontenot - 785

Audwin Samuel - 2,043


Jamie Smith - UNOPPOSED


BISD Trustee District 1

Donna Forgas - 931

Terry Williams - 1,559

BISD Trustee District 2

Paula Blazek - 466

Zenobia Bush - 1,290

BISD Trustee District 3

Marcelino Rodriguez - 294

Woodrow Reece - 1,148

BISD Trustee District 4

Linda Gilmore - 346

Gwen Ambres - 1,926

BISD Trustee District 5

Kelli Fowler - 846

LaFayette Spivery - 159

Mike Neil - 1,733


For - 10,836

Against - 8,479



Vote totals

The reason the numbers do not match-up is because there were two trustee positions that were not on the ballot. Those positions (Tom Neild and Janice Brassard) are not up for re-election until May 2013. That meant two of the largest voting districts in BISD did not cast ballots for those races on school board trustees. However, everyone in BISD was able to vote on the proposition to change the representative form or government on the BISD board from seven single-member districts to five single-member districts with two at-large positions. That measure past with 56 percent of the vote.
I hope this clarifies things. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask or contact me anytime.

Thank you,

Jerry Jordan
Managing Editor
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vote numbers

Why is the total vote 10298 on BISD board member election but the total vote on the prop was 19315? Who went and didn't vote for anyone except the prop.

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