Death at local correctional facility

Death at local correctional facility

According to a news release from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, an inmate at the county correctional facility apparently strangled himself to death while alone in his cell.

According to the report, on Friday, May 17, deputies at the JCSO Correctional Facility discovered an inmate, Robert William Leviness, 51, of Beaumont unconscious in a cell. Deputies and jail medical staff attempted CPR on Leviness. Acadian Ambulance Service responded to the scene and declared the man deceased. Justice of the Peace Ransom "Duce" Jones pronounced the death. According to JCSO, it appears Leviness died of self-induced manual strangulation. The investigation is ongoing, and autopsy results are pending. Leviness had been booked into jail under the allegation of family violence by Beaumont PD earlier Friday.



It is the officers job to

It is the officers job to protect the safety of an inmate.
Knowing that a family member notified the facility
This could have been prevented. It's clear he needed
Help the family member, asked for help. From what I understand
The jailers were too busy.
This is a wrongful death, knowing all the facts. They failed to protect Mr. Leviness.,
His family suffers daily knowing this could have been prevented.
My heart goes out to Mr. Leviness' family. I pray they have strength
And justice.

I'm a family member of the

I'm a family member of the deceased. When Bmt Pd was dispatched the dispatcher and officers were informed that he was suicidal and had taken many unknown pills.. They failed to give that info to Jefferson cnty... It could have been prevented if there was better communication between Bmt Pd and Jeff Co.. We could have gotten him help... Hopefully they will use this as a wake up call and take better precaution so it doesn't happen to someone else... God bless

Death in Local Correctional Facility

It is unknown why this man decided to end his own life. But I also don't feel that we should blame the Jail staff. Yes, the phones need to be removed and place video cameras In the holding cells. But no one can predict when someone makes the choice to take their own life. My sympathy goes to his family

Death at Local Correctional Facility

My thoughts & prayers go out to this man's family first. Unfortunately this type of thing happens, when a person makes up their mind to take their own life. The man used a cord from the receiver of a phone in the holding cell to hang himself. These phones are in the holding cells to allow someone to make a collect call to notify their family & arrange bail. I think these phones need to be removed from the holding cells & moved to a more visible location. But I don't feel it's fair to blame the officers in the jail, because someone decided to take their own life. He may have needed some type of mental help, before he even arrested for family violence. Again my prayers go out to his family, may he rest in peace.

its a sad thing when this

its a sad thing when this happens but the officers didnt even know the guy was in the cell, another inmate found him in the holding tank already dead, this isnt the first time someone died in a book in holding cell at jefferson county jail, they put u in the cell like a dog and dont make rounds, your on ur own in that place

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