BISD's TRO hearing coming Tuesday

BISD's TRO hearing coming Tuesday

The temporary restraining order hearing related to BISD that was scheduled for Monday, June 16, is now scheduled for docket call at 9 a.m. Tuesday June 17, according to TEA spokesperson DeEtta Culbertson.

Culbertson said the decision was not made by BISD or the TEA. The Travis County Courts requested the change.

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Cannot Win

Number one, the current stooges on the board and in the administration have about zero chance of winning this appeal. Number two, if by some miracle they were to win, do they seriously believe they would have any support whatsoever in the community and would not be constantly hounded until the opportunity arose to replace the board in an election and promptly fire the superintendent? And the delaying tactics for a board election are all over without serious legal and administrative challenges from members of the community and state and local government> Out now! The party's Over!

our tax money

Vacation in Austin on our money,I say no more school tax money till all the crooks go to jail.

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