Bikini-clad woman arrested for assaulting two in Orange

Bikini-clad woman arrested for assaulting two in Orange

One woman was arrested in Orange after reportedly attacking two people while she was wearing a pink, polka-dot bikini.

According to a report from the Orange Police Department, officers were dispatched to the area of 1st St. and Cherry St. at approximately 12:28 Sunday, March 17, in reference to an assault. Officer Robert Enmon reported he met with the victim of the assault upon arrival at the scene. The man told the officer a woman dressed in a pink, polka-dot bikini approached him at the intersection and assaulted him, slicing his left cheek and ear with a box cutter. While taking the victim's report, Officer Enmon reported receiving a second call advising someone at the victim's residence at an apartment complex at 111 Pine St. had also been attacked by a woman brandishing a box cutter.

While en route to the scene of the second assault, Officer Enmon reported he saw a woman wearing a pink bikini running within the apartment complex and into an apartment there. According to the report, the officer saw the woman hiding in a closet inside the apartment. She was identified as 32-year-old Daphne "Dee Dee" Locks-Allen of Orange. Enmon reported he arrested the woman, and she was transported to the Orange County Jail.



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