Assistant superintendent Patricia Lambert let go?

Patricia Lambert


An attorney representing BISD's Patricia Lambert has denied reports that Lambert was fired. The Examiner is still investigating the case and will post updates as they become available.  


 Phones rang today at The Examiner with callers giving different versions of how it happened, but with one consistent message: Former Central High principal and current BISD Assistant Superintendent Patricia Adams-Collins-Lambert is out.

Reports to The Examiner from a variety of sources ranged from being "fired" to "she won't be back next year." Calls to trustees Tom Neild and Mike Neil provided no insight; Mike Neil said he had heard nothing but expected an email from Beaumont Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Timothy Chargois if it did happen.

Examiner reporter Jennifer Johnson went to the BISD administration building and Central High in an attempt to speak to Lambert or Chargois around 3 p.m., but neither were located.

On Johnson's way to Lambert’s house, a slight change of lanes at the corner of Major Drive and Hwy. 105 resulted in a chance meeting with Lambert when Johnson and her bumper had a very up-close-and-personal encounter with Lambert and the emblem identifying the school administrator’s 2011 Lincoln. This minor collision resulted in no need for Johnson to proceed on to the Lambert household.  After Johnson and Lambert took care of the obligatory exchanges of insurance information, Johnson asked Lambert about her current employment status at which Lambert said: "I just want to get home." No further comment from Lambert was forthcoming.

Any official statement from BISD administration will have to wait; the staff is not available as they are in the middle of a two-week closure.

Lambert has been the subject of several reports in The Examiner over the past weeks - from allegations of cheating on standardized tests to the revelation of phony credentials to the misuse of public funds to the most recent allegation of overcharging for high school senior packages, which resulted in profits to her family member’s business and unaccounted-for funds.




One down, Haynes and the four to go.....

ms. lambert and dr rochelle

ms. lambert and dr rochelle worked together and ran in the same league. they are both prime examples of what you call crooks.

In The Words Of President

In The Words Of President Abraham Lincoln " You Can Fool Some Of The People Some Of The Time And You Can Fool Some Of The People All Of The Time. But You Can't Fool All The People, All The Time ". A Change Is Coming To BISD, The Citizens Are Tired Of All The Coruption & Lies. Our Children Deserve Better, The Taxpayers & Voters Should Demand It.

From Jessie Haynes re: the Great Accident

From: Jessie Haynes
Date: July 9, 2013, 9:47:31 PM CDT
To: undisclosed recipients: ;
Subject: BISD Asst. Supt. Lambert Gets Emergency Care After Reporter Crashes Into Her Automobile
Reply-To: Jessie Haynes

BISD Asst. Supt. Lambert Gets Emergency Care After Reporter Crashes Into Her Automobile

After weeks of what she deems as harassment by two local reporters, a reporter from the Beaumont Examiner today went too far. Jennifer Johnson of the Beaumont Examiner crashed into Beaumont Independent School District Assistant Superintendent Pat Lambert's vehicle today in what appears to be a paparazzi kind of chase or unsafe following of Lambert.

Lambert received head and knee injuries as well as damage to her personal vehicle. The wreck occurred in Beaumont earlier today. Currently, Lambert and her family are concerned about her physical well-being, however, the educator who says she has been harassed and stalked by at least two local Beaumont reporters, including Johnson who crashed into Lambert's vehicle today while driving an automobile that is reportedly registered to Rev. J.D. Roberts of Beaumont. According to Lambert, Johnson did not show concern for any physical damage she had done, but went on to say she was following up on a rumor about Lambert.

Lambert expressed disappointment that so called news reporting has gotten to the point that a reporter would endanger the life of a person as they "chase" down rumors.


Ms. Jessie Haynes, APR
Cell: 409-338-7879
BISD: 409-617-5043

This is $100,000 a year buys you in talent. What an embarrassment.

I am just thankful that she was not being chased through a tunnel in Paris

I hope Jennifer had a tape

I hope Jennifer had a tape recorder running during their conversation because I'm sure Lambert will turn on the theatrics. She lies so well, or so she thinks. What she doesn't realize is, at this point, she's lied on and to so many people that they probably don't believe her anymore.

Mrs. Johnson

I hope that Mrs. Johnson wasn't injured by the flying accusations from Mrs. Lambert. They are normally very sharp and potentially lethal.
I hope that PMCL gets everything coming to her.

Patricia Lambert Let GO ?

I will be elated if that question mark changes to a period (.). That will seal that deal. If this is true, finally this reign of deception, fraud, intimidation and theft will hopefully be over. But what BISD and Beaumont Stakeholders need to be aware of is that Lambert has built a strong following at Central MMHS and that clique needs to be eradicated. She has taught others how to cheat, lie, intimidate employees and most of all rob the students out of a quality education. That entire administration needs to be dismantled if that school is to truly move forward. There are quality teachers and students at Central, and they deserve to be led by competent, educated, highly qualified and CERTIFIED personnel. I will be waiting to see if this is true!

As a former educator at

As a former educator at CMMHS, I have completely changed my profession as a result of all of the chaos that was caused after Mr. Ammons left and they hired that lady. The entire atmosphere of the campus changed and, Pat, what goes around comes around.


I worked with some great people in the Science Department, but enough was enough.

I did have a great year with Mr. Ammons :)

I think your elation has to

I think your elation has to be put on hold. Looks like she's still employed. A few weeks back it was said that she was on leave. Seems that wasn't true. This may not be either. Probably just wishful thinking.

You must have a great view

You must have a great view from the inside. I agree with you totally. There were those who were happy to see Lambert leave Central, but were quickly disappointed when they saw that things were being done no differently than they were before. It seemed as if she put a puppet in place to maintain control.

Long Over Due

Well, it's about time! I will admit that I'm a little sad that I can no longer look her in the face and talk about her criminal history, but if this is true, the teachers and students of BISD are the winners. There is still some house cleaning to be done, though!

Could it be? Probably. Should

Could it be? Probably.

Should it be? ABSOLUTELY!

Sounds to me as though the house of cards is finally collapsing and they have removed the joker! If this is true, and I have no reason to believe it's not, I'm sure they will try to shuffle the deck to hide the kings, queens, jacks, and aces,too. This is just the beginning and the rest will be royally "flushed" out in the near future.

Why did it take this long?

Why did it take this long. This should have happened as soon as it was discovered that she did not have the right credentials.

Good Riddance!

Good Riddance!

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