Aggravated robbery in Port Arthur

Aggravated robbery in Port Arthur

Port Arthur Police responded to an aggravated robbery at Central Mall this morning when they received a call from the victim who reportedly was giving a ride to an acquaintance who then stole the driver's money.

According to a report from PAPD, officers were dispatched in regard to the aggravated robbery at approximately 9:19 a.m., April 4. The caller reported that after giving an acquaintance a ride to the mall, the subject pulled a knife on the victim and demanded money. The victim turned over an unknown sum of cash to the alleged perpetrator. The thief then reportedly fled the scene on foot.

Upon arrival at the scene, police met with the victim who described the circumstances of the incident. PAPD officers quickly located the actor, according to the report. They recovered all the stolen funds and returned the money to the victim. The actor was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. There were no injuries, the report read.



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