345th District Court denies BISD temporary injunction

345th District Court denies BISD temporary injunction

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Austin Judge Stephen Yelenosky of the 345th Civil District Court in Travis County denied a temporary injunction sought by BISD to block the Texas Education Agency's planned takeover Friday, June 20.

TEA Commissioner Michael Williams issued notice to the local school district in May that he intended to lower BISD's accreditation and install a Board of Managers to replace the current Board of Trustees and Superintendent Timothy Chargois. Last week, a hearing examiner denied BISD's appeal to the lowering of accreditation.

“When all is said and done, I fully expect to replace the superintendent and the board of trustees," Williams said when BISD was granted a temporary restraining order preventing the TEA from taking action to install a Board of Managers - an order that was quashed with Yelenosky's Friday decision. "This action is necessary to restore Beaumont ISD to the strong state that students and taxpayers fully deserve and have every right to expect.”

A BISD school board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 23, when the board plans to vote on a Reduction in Force that would cut more than 200 positions, including those of many teachers.

BISD is now entitled to an appeal with the TEA regarding the Board of Managers appointment, but must make a claim to that provision within the next 10 days.

Yelenosky alluded to further state court proceedings in his ruling, as well.

"At this stage of the litigation, the only decision of the court is whether to temporarily enjoin the Commissioner from appointing a board of mangers and a new superintendent until until the court can make a final decision at a future trial," he stated. "Because the court's decision must be a temporary one,the standard is not if the plaintiff's succeed but whether they are likely to succeed at trial and, if so, whether in the interim they will suffer irreparable harm if the Commissioner is not enjoined."




Well I am sure the board, and Chagois will appeal this ruling. They will spend every dime that's left to try to save Chagois's job. That's all it's about.
Sad when he will pay a coach that quit, and continuing paying him for months after, but doesn't want to pay 200 employees through June.
The board paid a settlement to another coach that was fired, but they place zero value on their teachers.
I wish all the teachers would resign. Then watch the board scramble to provide competent teachers in September. They can't strike, but they could all quit.

Oooh... I hope this is enough

Oooh... I hope this is enough notice of a meeting for the BISD school board!

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