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Local citizens striving to make improvements to the city, starting with the Historic District, have formed a new non-profit organization in Orange, the Historic Orange Preservation Empowerment (HOPE) group.

According to information provided by the organization, HOPE was formed to "support, facilitate, and improve the economic, cultural, aesthetic, historic, social and environmental setting, the well-being, and quality of life in Orange and Orange County, Texas."

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Attached is copy of agenda to be used for first Beaumont Independent School District Board of Managers meeting set for Monday, July 21.

Karczewski Bradshaw LLP law firm to be engaged as new counsel. Special assistant to the superintendent Jessie Haynes to be RIFed.

Larry King Jr. (left) and Donald Lane

Police in Beaumont arrested two suspects reportedly fleeing from an auto burglary in progress Thursday, July 17, BPD reports.

photo by Kevin King

A band of torrential rain and thunderstorms early Friday morning, July 18, triggered flash flooding over parts of Southeast Texas, shutting down several roads and submerging many vehicles of drivers attempting to traverse the rising waters.


Drivers in Vidor braved water over roadways to get to their destinations Friday, July 18, 2014.

Water covered the service road near the Interstate 10 onramp leading westbound into downtown Vidor, but the road was being utilized by drivers, traveling at very low speeds, at 11:05 a.m.