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On Monday, March 2, Highway 365 between West Port Arthur Road and 67th street in Port Acres will be closed from 8:30 a.m. until around 1 p.m. for traffic accident reconstruction. The Roadway will be closed and impassible to all traffic in both directions during this time. Please make alternate travel arrangements and avoid this area during this time. 

Kwick Stop robbery


Police in Pinehurst are poised to arrest a known suspect who they believe robbed the Kwick Stop #2 convenience store twice in as many days, robbed another Orange County store and attempted to rob another, reports the Pinehurst Police Department.

BISD conservator Fred Shafer and special education director Brant Graham

“It’s still the same; it hasn’t changed,” frustrated parent Carl Champagne says of the Beaumont Independent School District Special Education Department. 

Charlton-Pollard Elementary School Choir Director Cindy Gibson led the children

Two local legends and leaders in education were inducted into the Texas Hall of Honor at the Capitol Rotunda in Austin on Feb. 19 by The Spirit of Star Day Foundation, and elementary choir students from the Beaumont school bearing their names were asked to visit the state’s capitol and celebrate the lives of these historic figures through song in honor of the birth of the Texas government and Black History Month.

BPD Officer Aaron Wasser sits in traffic watching his monitor as LPR technology
A Bridge City patrol car participating in the warrant roundup utilizes LPR camer
Wasser checks the receipt of a man whose license plate set off the LPR alarm. Lu

The grace period to take care of outstanding warrants ended Feb. 22, and law enforcement divisions from cities around Southeast Texas have joined forces to put traffic violators who have failed to take responsibility for their citations behind bars, or at least make them pay their fines.