To lie is to steal

Saturday, May 18, was a glorious day for Lamar University, which conferred more than 1,600 degrees to 1,605 graduates. Many of these graduates are parents, full-time workers — not to mention volunteers, athletes and participants in school organizations.

Earning a college degree is not an easy task. It takes years of work, staying up all hours of the night cramming for exams, depriving oneself of sleep. Compound the stress of college courses with work obligations and trying to balance quality time with one’s family, and by the time graduation day is reached, the college student is lucky to have survived the journey.

And once they graduate, they’ll find there are those in the workforce who don’t play by the rules. Instead of working hard for multiple degrees and the advancement that comes with them, they seek to deceive their employers, claiming to have degrees and certifications they do not possess. Not only is this lying but it is also theft. And an insult to those 1,605 graduates that actually put in the work.

The Greek tragedian Sophocles once said, “I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.” Evidently, Patricia Lambert doesn’t subscribe to this maxim.

Her resume boasts a degree from Loyola and certification from Harvard universities. The problem is that neither of those institutions of higher learning can confirm Lambert’s claims.

Although it might appear that, through her deception, she has reached great heights in her profession, it is better to have never reached such heights than to climb a ladder supported by lies. Lambert leapfrogged over other candidates for the positions that she stole with her false credentials. These people worked extremely hard to earn their baccalaureate and masters degrees — one would hope — staying up all hours of the night studying to reach their goals, while at the same time depriving their families and friends of time that they will never have back.

Do they deserve to be unfairly and unduly cheated out of the chance that this woman stole from them with her imaginary achievements? No, of course they don’t. And for the current employees of the district, many of whom must themselves be hungering for advancement, what must this revelation do for their morale? 

At the same time, any reasonable person can see that the tangled web of lies that Lambert wove soils whatever achievement she has experienced over the past decade. It’s as empty as buying a trophy at a garage sale and putting it up on your mantle.

Is BISD a victim in this woman’s plot or should they be held accountable for not verifying Lambert’s credentials before passing over many others who might have been twice as qualified as she? Every student, parent, teacher and educator should contact Superintendent Timothy Chargois and the BISD board immediately and express — no, demand — that this fraud be heralded as a lie and ask this: “What is being done to keep this from happening again, and what are you doing to right this terrible wrong.”




B.I.S.D's first and foremost objective is to promote the warfare of black people. The administration will do every thing in their power not to discredit a black employee. And that is also very true of the blacks on the B.I.S.D school board. When is the last time you heard of them voting against anything the black superintendent wants? They don't!

Plain and Simple

What's not to understand? Ms Lambert is BISD. And, BISD is Ms Lambert.

And she's still employed...why?

Patricia Lambert is a fraud and a liar. She knowingly falsified her credentials to gain employment in BISD. She is a bully. She is a crook. She is a felon. Amazingly, she is....still employed! There's nothing racial about this. She's not for anyone but herself. The fact she was hired to start with (and continues to be employed)reflects very poorly on the superintendent, who has the power to do something about this and hasn't. The graduation packages forced upon the seniors at Central should be enough to send her packing. These kids only get to be Seniors once in their lifetime. Many of the memorable events of this special year were stolen from them if they couldn't afford the packages. An apology (which hasn't been offered)simply isn't enough. These kids deserve better than this. BISD deserves better than this. Lambert should be fired immediately, without further discussion. Until the superintendent steps up and provides some real leadership, which I'm wondering if that will ever happen, the District will continue to sink.

I have lost ALL respect for

I have lost ALL respect for our administrators and leaders. Many people thought Tim Chargois would get the job done and be fair. But where is he? Why has he not publicly addressed the issues that we are faced with? Does he think he if he just ignores it that it will go away? Or maybe he too has allowed himself to succumb to the control of Patricia Lambert.

BISD is not the Real World

Not only do we have widespread corruption in the district there are also these high and mighty principals who think they own the schools. I feel for all of the staff because they are afraid of being destroyed by administration. You have principals giving sex acts to coaches, hiring their partners who is not certified, making threatening statements to staff and telling them they would have them fired. This is the most undignified group of people I have ever seen. When I moved back home I became certified and I saw some changes coming down about 24 years ago so I bailed. There are some great and creative staff who takes their job serious but the majority that I replaced as a certified substitute was horrible because there was a lack of accountability. They never had their lesson plans up-to-date. Now, the sick part is that BISD is so top heavy in Central Office it is a shame. They need to streamline like most companies are doing. The current board must go and I mean all of them. I have tried to offer them advice on how to deal with certain issues from a business standpoint rather than the color of skin. I don't even think diversity training will help this group. The accounting department lacks leadership and they are afraid to say no. The maintenance, operations and transportation department is even worse with their group of stealing and drug use. Now, the worse part is the students who have suffered and when they get a job they have to be trained to do things in a logical manner. Half of them can't read, write or complete any type of math. Now, to the parents who don't get involved with your children education is the worse. I was raised to read one book a week from the 3rd grade. My mother did not get home from work until 7:30 pm and we had to sit down with her and she reviewed our homework. She made unannounced visits to the school. Now, Beaumont's growth is stymied due to the problems with the school district. Turn off the television, games, and cell phones and spend quality time with your children. Most companies will not bring in new business when the school district is unstable. I am sure TEA will recommend some major changes.

I had refrained from saying

I had refrained from saying anything on social media because it is hard to distinguish the truth from lies, because obviously both sides of the issue are speaking out. However, I have known for myself of all of the lies, deceit, misappropriations, nepotism, unorthodox business practices at the hands of Patricia Lambert.
Here are some things for the public to chew on.

You operate the concession stands like the soup Czar, only her hand selected clerical staff could handle money. But certified, insured, degreed teachers who served as club sponsors could not touch the money????

You allow your relatives to go to graduate school while on the clock at Central, when they should have been teaching students. Instead you place all of the students under their class enrollment under an non-certified long term substitute. So they got paid a teacher's salary to further your education.

You create positions within the campus and now at central office so that you can promote your relatives and hand picked applicants, passing over well qualified, highly educated, experienced employees who have lived and worked in this community all of their lives.

You created a chaotic school because you told the staff that you wanted a particular person to be principal of CMMHS, warning them if they did not support your request that their jobs would not be promised. Oh and by the way you told them you would continue to run Central from central administration. So you left the school in the incapable hands of a puppet on a string and it was the most unruly year at that school.

You created division among the administrators at Central because you wanted to push one of them out of your way so that all of the others would bow down to you and worship you for all of your promises of earthly goods.

You dismiss anyone who challenged your way of doing things by threatening their jobs and positions.

You have come to Beaumont and totally destroyed our educations system (rather it was good or bad when you got here) at least it was intact. Under your leadership it is falling like the walls of Jericho.

You created a system of cheating on state exams that you thought no one would report. Students have no reason to lie about cheating, because students cheat..always have..always will. But only to an extent scores like that, which flags the system are produced by systematic cheating...maybe all those long nights you and those who worshipped you spent at the school will pay off...when you all are convicted.

By the way YOU are Patricia Adams, Collins, Hall Lambert.....
this is only part 1...stay tuned

You speak the certified

You speak the certified truth! Where is part II?

I know who you are

The same person had their hands in the cookie jar and it was taken from you when you were found out.You were doing wrong.
How dare you critize anyone you all are running out of things to talk about and being laugh at by the same people who trying to make a fool out of you and you are during a great job of it. How can you expect the students to have pride in their school when they see you tearing it down and your own people other folks may hate each other but when it is time for them to stick together they do, and when its time for them to get rid of you they will.The thing about it you dont know what you are talking about and I seen you taking pictures that night.Is your life so perfect until somebody died and left your name Jesus. he is the judge and the jury. What happen to morals and you call yourself a certified insured degree teacher.What do that mean in the eyes of God nothing you can have all the degreeds in the world.But you better know who you messing with before you open your mouth. And your name is not Time 2SpeakOut Its setting myself for a trap for the very people who want to see me act a fool you are CRAB.

Everything done in the dark...

I agree. BISD employees should be held accountable for their actions. The worst thing we can do is ignore these accusations. Every child should be afforded an education without worrying about scores and grades being altered to the satisfaction of someone in a high position. Everything that is done in the dark always comes to light.

not only are people like

not only are people like Lambert skipping to the top, what about the students of BISD getting cheated out of GPA scores and other awards such as class rank being stolen from them just because an Assistant principal feels her daughter deserves higher marks she couldnt have possibly earned on her own. not to mention becoming captain of the drill team (where her mother was one of the judges at try outs) and even going to the extent of pushing down another student who worked hard out of her earn recognition that was stolen from her by guess who! the Assistant Principals Daughter. BISD is under handed and sly and as far as the race card YES! BISD is prejudiced against white students especially those who attend central high school!

WOW...Sorry you didnt make the squad.

Have you every been to try-outs at any high school? Five out of town judges, principals add the scores given by the judges and a designated teacher tallies the scores. They do not judge on how much you hump, bump, drop it or shake it. they are looking for dance technique. And central office personnel monitors the try outs. And did I say this has nothing to so with the topic. Point your toes next time and extent you arms.

Also Central apparently likes

Also Central apparently likes to put PREGNANT GIRLS WHO DEFEND THEMSELVES IN A FIGHT in PATHWAYS! yes thats right. a pregnant girl at central high school defended herself in an attack and was sent to pathways for it! WRONG? i think so! Central High School is one horrible place where you can bet my children will never go. BISD is screwed up! there needs to be some serious investigating all through BISD starting at CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL!

How about they withhold the

How about they withhold the fact that parents can appeal these decisions! I found this out the hard way.

Lord help us

Free at last free at last thank god all mighty she is free at last

BISD Board Member's Chargois And Lambert

I and my husband are BISD residents.We no longer have any children in BISD,our daughter graduated in 2011 from West Brook.She attended LU for one year,and then transferred to Texas Tech where she is still attending.Since she left for College,I have became more interested in what is taking place in BISD.I guess especially when all the BS with Mr.Walker surfaced.I am learning pretty much on a daily bases more,and more BS taking place with certain BISD Board Member's.Lying,stealing,cheating...just all around wrong doings!I am so very happy that my daughter is no longer attending BISD!But,I can not say the same for some of my friends!I guess what makes me the most angriest is that all this wrong doing is taking place,and nothing is being done to stop it!No one is being held responsible for their lying to,or stealing from the tax payers and residents in the BISD!Not to forget the most important ones of all...the student's,teacher's and staff!It is time for a new and better BISD!Starting with a new and better BISD School Board!

Patricia Lambert

BISD has an obligation to check credentials of all teachers and administrators. That is simply ethical business and good sense. Are ethics important to BISD? And what is BISD going to do to hold Patricia Lambert accountable for her fraud? Criminal charges should be filed and she should have to repay the thousands upon thousands that she stole from BISD and the Beaumnont community in salary that she did not earn. It will be interesting to see if BISD sweeps this under the rug and does not hold her criminally accountable. Will she continue to work for Beaumont ISD?


To answer your question, I doubt if she will be held accountable. I see Chargois hasn't made another phone call assuring the community that this will be handled. Summer is about to come so they probably hope that it will all blow over. Do they know if she engaged in extortion in this district like she was accused of in New Orleans?

Lambert was Convicted in New

Lambert was Convicted in New Orleans, and indited

stupid as bisd is

you know bisd is mostly black working for them just like the city of Beaumont but why is so hard to see when one of there own is doing this they make it seem like no big deal but let a white person they want to let them go without pay or anything seems like the blacks of BISD need to wake and up see there own people is screwing them not the kids

Your comment is exactly why

Your comment is exactly why it took me, a white person, so long to listen to what is rotten with BISD. Most people, black and white, are outraged at what is going on with our schools, but when I see the race card played (especially from a white person), I figured that was all the disputes were about and I didn't want to listen to that kind of crap. I finally realized it wasn't JUST prejudiced people who are raising the questions that should be raised, but damned if you don't dirty the water for everyone..

Really, are you trying to

Really, are you trying to pull the race card????? Get the heck outta here! Please, let this be about lying, stealing and cheating for which all races are capable of!!!!!! White Inequality in Beaumont, Texas???? Shut up please!!!!!

I wonder...

A good friend of mine in the district told me that a lot of people, African-americans, are upset and tired of what is going on in the district. They do realize that they and their children are being cheated. But when they voice their concerns they are often brushed off. Just like the article states, many of them have worked very hard, only to be passed over because someone owed someone else a favor or this person is kin to that person. There is a lot of that in this district, black and white, and many who are hired are not very well qualified for the job. What I would like to know from that newspaper article is how she was able to hire so many of her family members? Maybe there were staging a takeover.

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