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Being a Texas game warden is not always a walk in the park. But on the other hand, it can be downright comical on some days. The following situations are just of a few of the highlights from a day in the life of Texas game wardens.

Pineywoods hog hunters get locked out


It’s no secret that wild hogs are trying to take over Texas, and if you happen to be looking for a little hunting adventure on the wild side, try hog hunting at night – with a bow.

If that sounds a little crazy, you’re right on the money. The good news is that the hunting is done from elevated tree and tripod stands that offer you a little protection for close range encounters with wild pigs in the attack mode.


Sunday at sunset, Robert Mason, Denny Copeland and I were putting limits of mallards and pintails on duck straps. It was to be our last duck hunt of the 2011-12 season and one that a whole lot of us won’t soon forget.

This should give you an idea of how good the season was. Four of my duck hunting buddies in Central Texas bagged just over 800 ducks, which according to their data, is an all-time record for them. They hunt a lot, but what’s most interesting is that they only hunt on public lakes and rivers.