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Half Off Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Koi Japanese Sushi Bar and Lounge

EponToday Deals - 12 hours 56 min ago

For $7 You Get $15 Worth of Sumptuous Japanese Fare at Koi Japanese Sushi Bar and Lounge, Located in Tuscany Park in Beaumont

Love Japan but can’t afford the round-the-world jaunt? Save your money on a plane ticket and treat your palate to a vacation with todays Epon to, Koi Japanese Sushi Bar & Lounge,  

  • For $7 gets you $15 worth of Japanese delicacies.


Koi Japanese Sushi Bar & Lounge

We are glad to invite you to Koi, where sushi becomes art.  Entice your taste buds and senses with the freshest seafood, sleek atmosphere, inventive cocktails and other exceptional Japanese offerings.  The ingredients might be traditional, but everything is done with a fresh and modern twist.

Stamp your passport to mouth-watering Habachi Filet Mignon, Beef, Chicken or Shrimp Teriyaki; saddle up to the sushi bar, where chop-happy chefs spear fatty pieces of tuna, striped bass, shrimp and many more delectable morsels that will make you channel the orient.  

Our review: Based on our frequent visits to this place, we're confident this deal will spark a wallet+tummy love affair that won’t be lost in translation.



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Unlimited Play at Adventure Kingdom in Lumberton

EponToday Deals - July 25, 2014 - 9:30am

$10 For a Unlimited Play Wristband, a $19.95 Value at Adventure Kingdom in Lumberton

Kings.  Queens.  Damsels in distress.  Brave Knights.  Your adventure awaits you to a great family entertainment park with today's Epon:

  • for $10 you get one Unlimited Play Wristband, a $19.95 value.  Wristband is good for unlimited play at mini-golf, bumper cars, and swan paddle boats. (Water Wars not included)

Adventure Kingdom is located 5 minutes from Parkdale Mall on Highway 69 toward Lumberton.  Adventure Kingdom offers an 18-hole Renaissance-themed mini golf course; gasoline powered zero-turning radius bumper cars, swan paddle boats and water wars.  With such a creative atmosphere, Adventure Kingdom is a hot spot for birthday parties.  With party packages, group rates, and a 1932 log cabin used as our "Party Cottage", there are plenty of reasons to celebrate.  It is an exciting park for any group of any size.  Come see why thousands of people from around the world have said, “I love Adventure Kingdom”!


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Up to 91% Off of 3 Laser Hair Removal Treatments

EponToday Deals - July 21, 2014 - 9:30am

 Get 3 or 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments with The Skin & Laser Center by Sheila Odom-Ingham 

The "Cavewoman" fad is so last season. Pack up those saber-tooth combs and dump that positively prehistoric razor, Wilma, because it's time to ditch the Stone Age and set yourself up for smooth sailing into the Modern Era. Today's deal from The Skin & Laser Center by Sheila Odom-Ingham, is sure to help you on your journey:  

Choose from the following 2 options:

  • Spend $99 and get 3 laser hair removal treatments on your choice of one the following areas: Upper Lip (value $300), Chin (value $300), Underarms (value $450), Bikini Line (value $450), Brazilian (value $1,100)


  • Spend $198 and get 6 laser hair removal treatments on your choice of one the following areas: Upper Lip (value $600), Chin (value $600), Underarms (value $900), Bikini Line (value $900), Brazilian (value $2,200)  

Thanks to the latest FDA-approved equipment and an experience of Sheila Odom-Ingham, Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technichian, feisty follicles on the bikini line, underarms, upper lip, chin go the way of the T-Rex -- totally extinct. Nicks and cuts are passé; and with this deal, you're guaranteed skin that's smoother than BamBam's

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Haircut and Deep Conditioning with Single-Process Color

EponToday Deals - July 17, 2014 - 2:00pm

Deep Conditioning Treatment with Haircut and  Single-Process Color with Mark Jefferson at Rosa Vita Salon and Spa in Beaumont

Much like tattooing a spotless driving record to one's forehead, a new haircut and color,  exudes self-confidence. Boost your morale with this Epon:

  • For $65 you get a haircut and deep-conditioning treatment with a single-process color, with Mark Jefferson, a $140 value

Mark Jefferson, owner and stylist at the new Rosa Vita Salon and Spa, tweaks and transforms hairstyles with beauty products by top brands such as Davines, Alfaparf, and Redken.  Partial highlights add dimension to ‘dos, and perms make hair curl the way scary dreams or poorly designed rollerblades make toes curl. Hair caretakers cut the locks of both men and women, and they also tame children’s floppy mop tops. Relaz in the beautiful setting of Rosa Vita Salon and Spa inspires relaxation while Mark makes you as beautiful as your surroundings.

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Fine Dining Cuisine at The Grill by Arfeen, Smith and Payne

EponToday Deals - July 10, 2014 - 9:30am

For $20 You Get $40 Worth of Upscale Fare at The Grill by Arfeen, Smith and Payne, in Beaumont

Upscale dining establishments typically feature an elegant and intimate ambiance to attract diners on a romantic date or spies trading state secrets under the guise of a romantic date. Trade luxurious nibbles or microfilms with today's Epon:

The Grill's menu shelters an elegant variety of steaks, seafood, and poultry. Indulge in an appetizer of Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, or pluck morsels from the  Asado Tasting, a trio of Grilled Beef Tenderloin Crostini & Horseradish-Dijon Cream, Tiny Greens & Fire Roasted Julienne Carrots w/ Chimichurri sauce. The Maytag Bleu Bacon Butter Tournedos, a House Cut Beef Tenderloin topped w/ Maytag Bleu Bacon Butter, sates vacant tummies and polishes taste buds more enjoyably than sandpaper cereal. Beef Tenderloin Sautéed in Red Wine w/Mushrooms and Smoked Bacon makes the Beef Bourguignon, the envy of Julia's everywhere, and the Chili-Crusted Grilled Rack of Lamb dunks a Whole Roasted Rack of Lamb in Chimichurri Sauce and Jalapeno Mint Jelly. Visitors can conclude a sumptuous dining experience with the Chocolate Tres Leches Cake, Key Lime Pie,  Bread Pudding w/ Rum Sauce, Coconut Pie, or thier famous Classic Vanilla Bean Crème Brule.

The Grill conjures an intimate, romantic atmosphere by adorning its walls in rich colors  and covering each table with a white cloth stitched from thousands of strands plucked from a dragon's linen mane.

Southeast Texas Diners Give The Grill 5 Stars:

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The Switch Peel Facial from Circadia

EponToday Deals - July 1, 2014 - 9:30am

For $99 You Get The Switch Peel Facial From Circadiaf, a $200 Value, with Ginger Harrison, at Savvy Chic Salon and Spa

A facial can help you look like your old self, much like squeezing into your childhood overalls and showing up on your old kindergarten teacher's doorstep asking for juice. Recapture youth with this Epon:

  • Pay $99 and get one  Switch Peel Facial from Circadia (a $200 value), with Ginger Harrison at Savvy Chic Salon and Spa.
A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skins youthful appearance. SWiCH™ Dermal Rejuvenation System is a treatment that performs beyond the results achievable with non-surgical peels, used for aging, photo-damaged or environmentally damaged skin.  Results last for up to 6 months   Cannot be used on:  
  • Allergy to aspirin or salicylates
  • Allergy to citric acid of any kind: oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc
  • Anyone who is highly allergic
  • Pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • Use of antibiotics (topical or systemic)
  • Use of Accutane within one year
  • Laser surgery within the last 12 weeks
  • Using glycolic acid, Retin A, or Renova in the last 2 weeks.

Savvy Chic Salon and Spa

Savvy Chic is an upscale, full service Salon and Day Spa located in the beautiful and prestigious Groves shopping district.   Ginger Harrison has been a leader and innovator in the field of Cosmotology and Aesthetics for 15 years.  After 10 years of teaching cosmotology at Lamar State College Port Arthur, Ginger retired from teaching and has fulfilled her dream, along with her daughter Candice Harrison,  of owning and operating a full service salon and spa. The ladies od Savvy Chic Salon and Spa are skilled in the art of making you look your most beautiful! We promise you will leave feeling not only chic but pampered as well! Here at Savvy Chic your beauty is our business!

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One Year Subscription to Online Version of National Award Winning Investigative Newspaper/Redeem from Home

EponToday Deals - June 30, 2014 - 3:45pm

For $8 You Get A One Year Subscription to A National Award Winning Newspaper, The Examiner, Online Digitial Version Only, a $18 Value 

The Founding Fathers valued journalism, which is why the First Amendment protects freedom of the press instead of granting Benjamin Franklin two extra birthdays. Read all about it with this Epon:

  • For $8 you get a one year subscription to The Examiner Newspaper, digital onine version only, a $18 value.
How to redeem from home:  Email name, address, contact number along with a copy of your purchased voucher to: misty@theexaminer.com.  The Examiner's circulation department will set up your online subscription and email you a user name and temporary password to website.

The Examiner

While we harbor no disrespect for the Wall Street Journal who called us “that scrappy little paper from Southeast Texas,” we prefer to think of ourselves as simple seekers of the truth. We’re of the opinion that headlines and sound bites never tell the whole story. Our readers demand all the facts, facets and flavors of every story or event. And, they expect to be informed, educated and stirred to action.

Since founded in 1996, we ask the questions others won’t. We’re not afraid to poke a sacred cow or call a pig with lipstick, well ... a pig. Our stories are the kind that move a community to action, create change and sometimes, even right a few wrongs. Our brand of hard hitting, no nonsense investigative news is the kind that people still talk about years later. Balanced with the most comprehensive coverage of community events and entertainment happenings in the area, we’re pleased to be the newsweekly that brings more of the community to our community.

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Professional Auto Detailing at Magic Car Wash and Lube

EponToday Deals - June 20, 2014 - 11:50am

For $10 You Get the Deluxe Car Wash Package, A $22 Value, at Magic Wash and Lube on Eastex Freeway in Beaumont

Much like a significant other, the car we drive is often considered to be an extension of ourselves. Who doesn't want to walk down the street with a hot blonde or a handsome hunk on their arm?  Well, your ride is no different and this deal is a makeover for your turbo-charged other half.

  •  for only $10 you get "The Deluxe" wash,  a $22 value at Magic Wash and Lube on Eastex Freeway in Beaumont.

Each "Deluxe" wash, comprehensive service, includes a wash, triple coat conditioner, air freshener, under carriage, wheel bright, and armor all of tires. Magic Wash and Lube is located on Eastex Freeway, next to Target, in Beaummont, so primping your wheels is always convenient. Don't hide Big Bertha in the garage; shine her up and show her off

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52% Off 1 Chiropractic Adjustment from Fults Chiropractic

EponToday Deals - June 13, 2014 - 9:30am

52% Off A Chiropratic Spinal Adjustment at Fults Chiropractic on Dowlen Road in Beaumont

The human spine is flexible enough to withstand a variety of activities, including early-morning stretches and late-night limbos under mall-security lasers. Give a hardworking backbone a tune-up with today's Epon:

  • For $12 you get one chiropractic spinal adjustment, a $25 value, at Fults Chiropractic in Beaumont.

Dr. Will Fults believes that, because it's the body's communication center, the spine’s condition can affect the health of the entire body. During treatment sessions, Dr. Fults will correct the alignment of vertebrae with up-to-date techniques—such as motion palpitation, which detects dysfunctional joints, and active release, which treats overused muscles with motion techniques—that are gentler than past methods and more effective than propping patients up with puppet strings.  Fults Chiropractic provides affordable chiropractic care without the hassles of x-rays, appointments or insurance plans.  There is no need for an appointment and walk-ins are always welcome.

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1 Hour Therapeutic Massage with Hot Stones

EponToday Deals - June 11, 2014 - 9:30am

For $20 You Get a 1 Hour Therapeutic Massage with Hot Stones, A $80 Value, with Jonathan Wade of  The Remedy-A Therapeutic Massage Studio, located inside Golden Triangel Yoga Studio, 229 Dowlen Rd. #6A, Beaumont.

What you say is true, Scarlett: Tomorrow is another day. But when your back is rebelling against your body, there's no time like the present to alleviate aches. Enjoy a blissful treatment befitting a southern belle, or gentleman,  with today's deal:

  • Pay $20 (regularly $80) for a one-hour therapeutic massage with hot stones from Jonathan Wade of The Remedy-A Therapeutic Massage Studio, located inside Golden Triangle Yoga in Beaumont. 

Using essential oils or long, flowing strokes, Jonathan Wade, your licensed massage therapist will help increase your energy, improve your sleep quality, and more.  Your therapist will teach you about tension patterns, helping you get a better read on how to ease chronic pain in the long run. It's a new day for a new you; just grab this deal before it's Gone with the Wind. ***Makes a great Stocking Stuffer.

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Family Fun and Fitness with Everglow 5K: Glow-color Fun Run & Family Friendly Dance

EponToday Deals - June 5, 2014 - 9:30am

For $29 You Get One Registration To The EverGlow 5K and AfterGlow Party, a $59 Value

Colors often reflect the mood of the person wearing them; dark blues can imply sadness, bright yellows give a sense of joy, and tie-dye the warning that their 13 personalities are arguing. Feel the power of color first hand with this Epon from Everlow 5K.

  • For $29 you get entry for one to the EverGlow 5K – color run and family friendly dance party (a $59 value)

EverGlow 5K

Imagine you and all your friends decked out in neon gear and glow paint, dashing through backlight zones and getting blasted with glow color! Get fit the FUN way, leave with pictures and memories that will NEVER be forgotten, AND benefit charity while you’re at it!

Watch our video here! http://www.everglow5k.com/beaumont/

On Saturday June, 28th, runners will gather at Ford Park for the 1st annual EverGlow 5k. Gates open at 6pm and the first wave of runners begin just after dusk. Armed with a beautiful white T-shirt, race BIB number, Glowstick sunglasses, and a glow color packet- you’ll make your way along the ~3.1 mile course and finish covered in non-toxic glow color, then dance the night away at the AfterGlow party! Party ends at 11pm. Portion of proceeds from the race benefit Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundaiton.

For further details, please refer to our website:  http://www.everglow5k.com/beaumont


1.  Registration with vouchers begins on June 14th at 12:01 am.

2.  Go to :https://everglow.webconnex.com/beaumont2014

3.  Complete online registration.

4.  Input your unique epon voucher number in the "coupon code" box for payment.

5.  You are complete.

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$30 Worth of Classic American Fare at Starvin Marvin's

EponToday Deals - June 4, 2014 - 9:30am

$30 Worth of Food,Entertainment and Non-Alcoholic Drink for Only $15 at Starvin Marvin's Bar and Grill

When someone's getting all up in your grill, the best thing to say is "You better step off! The surface temperature of grills can approach 550 degrees—you shouldn't be standing on that thing!" Today's Epon demonstrates a high regard for safety by leaving the grilling to the professionals:

  • for $15 you get $30 worth of classic American fare and non-alcoholic drink at Starvin Marvin's.

Diners at Starvin Marvin's feast on sandwiches, grill-kissed steaks and burgers, and other hearty fare in a friendly, casual setting. Guests can also eat or drink in the ambience of the restaurant’s heated outdoor patio, intimate upstairs dining, the roar of sports enthusist downstairs, and live music 5 nights a week.

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One-Hour Facial with A Papaya Enzyme Mask

EponToday Deals - May 29, 2014 - 9:30am

For $30 You Get A One Hour Facial with a Papaya Enzyme Mask, a $60 Value, with Janie Streety of The Skin Shoppe in Beaumont

When faces aren't treated right, they tend to rebel, refusing to smile during driver's-license pictures and arguing the existence of purple stop signs during driver's-license exams. Keep faces in line with today's Epon to The Skin Shoppe in Beaumont: 

  • For $30 you get a one hour facial with a papaya enzyme mask, a $60 value.

The Skin Shoppe's licensed skincare professional, Janie Streety, enhances countenances with facials tailored to suit specific skin needs. The custom facial uses a tailored blend of professional skincare products to treat acne, rosacea, or signs of aging. Treatments begin with a skin analysis and include custom exfoliation and extractions to remove deadened skin and burrowing black heads. While gentle kneads relax hands and arms, a papaya-enzyme mask shrouds the face in nutrients that work to restore elasticity and suppleness, promotes circulation, enhanced cell regeneration, and helps restore a cleaner and more youthful and firmer complexion. Papaya Enzymes Masks are recommended and beneficial for all skin types. Clients leave treatment with fresh faces, moisturized skin, and home-care instructions including what to do when you accidently iron your face.

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Haircut, Style and Partial Highlights with Jahsalyn Welch

EponToday Deals - May 16, 2014 - 9:30am

Partial Highlights, Cut and Style with Jahsalyn Welch, Independent Stylist, located inside Color Me Crazy Salon on Nederland Avenue, in Nederland

Great hair is passed down from your parents, just like left-handedness or a box that you must never open. Unlock new locks with this Epon.

  • Drop $50, and enjoy professionally applied Partial Highlights along with a Haircut and Style, with Jahsalyn Welch, Independent Stylist, at "Color Me Crazy" salon. (a $120 value)

Make your way to Nederland and to this chic neighbourhood salon to resuscitate your ragged bangs and prep your hair for a shape-shifting transformation. Make your eyes the center of attention with a short pixie cut, or fancy yourself a femme fatale with a whole crop of sleek layers. For many years, scissor wizard, Jahsalyn Welch, has been helping fashionista's flaunt their best features through careful coiffing and cutting techniques. By taking 58% off with this deal, you'll also take off with a stylin new 'do.

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Striking Good Fun at Bowl Star Lanes in Beaumont

EponToday Deals - May 15, 2014 - 11:45am

For $20 You Get 8 Games of Bowling and Up To 4 Pairs of Rental Shoes, A $43 Value, at Bowl Star Lanes in Beaumont.

If you're looking to take your friends out for a night that will really bowl them over, today's deal is right up your alley:

  • Pay just $20 and you'll get 8 games of bowling on one lane and up to 4 pairs of rental shoes, (a $43 value), at Bowl Star Lanes in Beaumont.

Bowl Star's lounge-like feel makes it a great place for hanging out with your buddies, or the ideal locale for a date night. Avoid feeling like a gutter ball -- pin down today's deal and get ready for an evening that's sure to be a striking success.

Want more?  Check out Bowl Star Lanes on Facebook.

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Amber Alerts - May 5, 2014 - 10:28am
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Amber Alerts - May 5, 2014 - 10:26am
Categories: Amber Alerts

CANCELED Missing Endangered Person: Port Townsend,WA

Amber Alerts - May 3, 2014 - 5:00pm
Children have been located safe in Mason County, WA. Thanks to all assisting agencies and media.
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ACTIVE Missing Endangered Person: Kohl Yackulic – Port Townsend,WA

Amber Alerts - May 3, 2014 - 5:00pm
On May 2, 2014 at about 9:00pm, Port Townsend Police attempted to contact Mary E. Hos at her Port Townsend address for the purpose of serving an arrest warrant on her. Hos is currently wanted out of Jefferson County, WA for methamphetamine related charges. During the course of the search, the father of their children reported that he has not seen or heard from Mary or their children, Kohl J. Yackulic (male age 4), and Caden J. Yackulic (male age 8) since April 17, 2014 at about 6:00pm. The father stated that Mary sold her vehicle and he believes she sold or gave her phone to somebody else. He stated he attempted to contact her cell phone while looking for her and his children but an unknown male answered claiming this was his phone now. Through investigation, police have learned who Mary sold her vehicle to and have information that she may now be driving a maroon 1988 Honda Accord four door with a Washington license of 843XWL. Police and family are concerned for the well-being of the children as Mary is believed to be using methamphetamine, has disappeared with the children, she is not letting family know where she or the children are, and has sold her vehicle and disposed of her cellular phone in what appears to be an attempt to avoid being located.. Please Contact Port Townsend PD (Jefferson Co.) at 360-385-3831
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Up to 91% Off of 3 Laser Hair Removal Treatments

EponToday Deals - May 2, 2014 - 9:30am

 Get 3 or 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments with The Skin & Laser Center by Sheila Odom-Ingham 

The "Cavewoman" fad is so last season. Pack up those saber-tooth combs and dump that positively prehistoric razor, Wilma, because it's time to ditch the Stone Age and set yourself up for smooth sailing into the Modern Era. Today's deal from The Skin & Laser Center by Sheila Odom-Ingham, is sure to help you on your journey:  

Choose from the following 2 options:

  • Spend $99 and get 3 laser hair removal treatments on your choice of one the following areas: Upper Lip (value $300), Chin (value $300), Underarms (value $450), Bikini Line (value $450), Brazilian (value $1,100)


  • Spend $198 and get 6 laser hair removal treatments on your choice of one the following areas: Upper Lip (value $600), Chin (value $600), Underarms (value $900), Bikini Line (value $900), Brazilian (value $2,200)  

Thanks to the latest FDA-approved equipment and an experience of Sheila Odom-Ingham, Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technichian, feisty follicles on the bikini line, underarms, upper lip, chin go the way of the T-Rex -- totally extinct. Nicks and cuts are passé; and with this deal, you're guaranteed skin that's smoother than BamBam's

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