Jose Guzman holds a gordita

Friends, family and good food make for a fantastic dining experience, and Elena’s Mexican Restaurant in Beaumont offers diners a great venue in which to enjoy all three, and a fabulous menu of tasty meals served hot and fresh to order.


‘Jurassic World’

Starring: Chris Pratt, Dallas Bryce Howard

Directed by: Colin Trevorrow

Rated: PG-13


This goat’s head dates back between 2000 and 2500 years, according to Texas Arch
The sculptor cut a slit in the back of the hollow artifact in order to prevent t

A 12-year-old girl follows her father’s tractor as he tills the soil at their family farm. Running and playing gleefully behind as he plows, something fascinating protruding from the overturned earth catches her eye. She picks it up and shows it to her father – it’s a small ceramic goat’s head. He takes one look at it and decides his daughter can keep the animal likeness with her collection of toys, a cute little goat ornament she can put on a shelf among other prized knickknacks. 


At a recent meeting, I was asked to put together a presentation on my favorite Android apps. While all of the people present had a smart phone of some type, about three quarters of those present had some form of Android phone, while about one-fourth had an iPhone of some type. What brought about this request was a discussion that we were having, and using selected apps on my phone, I was able to come up with answers and resolve problems faster than anyone else present.


Q. Due to the heavy rain in recent weeks, one of my healthy oak trees fell over onto the driveway of our neighbor, damaging his two vehicles parked in the driveway. Am I liable for the repair costs to his cars?

A. If the trees were healthy and blew over as an act of God, you have no liability. For you to be liable, it is necessary to show that you were “negligent” in caring for your trees, and that negligence is why they fell. You are not legally responsible simply because you are the owner of the property and the trees.